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Our Partner Builders specialize in constructing the highest-quality model for your tiny home build. We only work with builders that are certified, licensed, and adhere to the best nationwide standards and incorporate energy-efficient and sustainable materials.

Limited Manufacturer Warranties

Coordination of Logistics & Transportation

Durable Building Materials

United Tiny Homes


Teamwork makes the UNITED TINY HOMES dream work! They bring a team dedicated to making your new Tiny Home purchase a great experience from the beginning to move-in day. With a combined experience in building, customer service, creativity and so much more the entire team is looking forward to serving you every single day, however they can to make your Tiny Home Dream come true!

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Imagine Tiny Homes


Established in 2021, Imagine Tiny Homes was created with the idea of creating the perfect tiny living space, in which you can live big. With today’s current market, it can be difficult to find something you love for an affordable price. So, why not create something you love, fully customize it to your needs, make it as aesthetically pleasing to you as you’d like, and live more cost efficiently?

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Providence Tiny Homes


We are a family building homes for families. We know the lifestyle you're seeking (or considering) because we live it too. And hey, let's be real: There are a lot of really eye-popping tiny home builders out there. We've seen them. In some ways, they inspired us. But, we also realized something was missing that we felt we could provide: a single-source, consultative, comprehensive design-build-relocate experience.

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Coming Soon


We are working with a wonderful team in California to assist in building custom designs, and affordably service all of our west coast clients. Stay tuned for more information!

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We are always interested in expanding our reach through our partner builders. If you are interested in learning more about to to partner with us, visit our Become a Builder page for more information.




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