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5 Best Tiny Home Communities In Idaho

By taufiqhaque

Living in compact minimalistic homes is a great option for people with a small budget. While RVs and trailers are a great option for living with a tight budget, most people would prefer to live in an actual home instead. Read this article to know about the 5 best tiny home communities in Idaho.

Tiny homes tend to be around 400-600 square feet and are a very interesting choice of living space. If you aren’t sure about which tiny home community in Idaho to choose to go to-we have got you covered regarding that.

5 tiny home communities in Idaho

If you are interested in the tiny home communities in Idaho, we have a list of 5 popular tiny home-friendly neighborhoods in Idaho. 

1. Tiny Home Communities In Idaho: Boise

The tiny home community in Boise is part of a project to solve the population problem that is causing real estate prices to skyrocket. All houses are about 4square feet and complete with all the facilities you would get in any regular house, albeit a lot smaller.

All houses are customizable and above 40 feet in height. In addition to small houses, there are also many RVs. The people are here are both amazing and friendly. If you want to move here, this place will feel like home in no time. 

2. Tiny Home Communities In Idaho: Moscow

In Moscow, Idaho, the tiny home community started in 2011 when Macy Miller, mother, teacher, and architectural designer, made her own house there. Soon people started following her and made their own houses. In addition, many RVs started to flock in, making a huge tiny home community.

3. Tiny Home Communities In Idaho: Emmet

People flocked together in Emmet to build their own homes and have even gotten creative and innovative with their creation- to create the now Emmet tiny home community. While most of the homes are RVs, several ones can be counted as houses.

 The houses are designed to give a contrasting image to the traditional homes in the backdrop of the neighborhood boundary.

4. Tiny Home Communities In Idaho: Victor

Victor could be a great place to live in for a little holiday without worrying about running out of money like in an expensive resort. It doesn’t matter if you are going to vacation there on a tight budget for a few days or even live for months- Victor has one of the best properties in a community that has been planned and designed by specialists. 

While most of the houses are holiday homes, permanent residents also exist. Since the community is by a lake, fishing is a popular pastime for everyone who comes or lives here. 

5. Horseshoe Bend

The first tiny home in Horseshoe Bend was made part of a student living space program. Since then, many people have started to flock in and buy their own houses. All houses are about 160 square feet and complete with personal toilets and showers.


Tiny homes could be a great solution to the population problem. While there are many problems related to living in such houses, there are many more pros.

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