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5 Best Tiny Home Communities In Illinois

By taufiqhaque

More than 50 percent of people in the US have agreed to live in small houses rather than bigger ones. The main reason behind this is that bigger houses have more space that no one uses. Tine homes, including RVs, serve a more practical purpose than any other house. Read this article to know about tiny home communities in Illinois.

If you are unsure where to buy your house in Illinois, United States- you don’t have to worry about it anymore since we have you covered.

5 Tiny home communities in Illinois

Below we have compiled a list of 5 tiny home communities with their details. These communities are as follows: 

1. Tiny Home Communities In Illinois: Urbana

The tiny houses at Urbana are still pretty new and have been built together with a lawn. They follow all the right standards that were put together by the state. They are tiny and start at 900 square feet but can go as low as 200 square feet.

Other than the fact that it has all the facilities that come with a traditional home, the tiny houses in Urbana have an additional loft unit in almost all the houses.

2. Tiny Home Communities In Illinois: Campaign

The entire neighborhood was created as part of a campaign to contribute to overpopulation. If you are an activist who wants to experience a minimalist lifestyle- these houses could be the best fit for you.

Even if you aren’t, as long as you are willing to downsize on your cost, you will be glad that you are living in one of these houses. While most homes here are regular tiny units, many people live in RVs and other mobile houses.

3. Tiny Home Communities In Illinois: Downers Grove

These 400 square feet homes at Downers are quite the looker. They are only 300-400 square feet, but none are as charming and attractive as possible for similar tiny homes. All the homes here have been designed and built using the International Code Council.

In addition to tiny houses, many people live in bigger traditional houses. The smaller ones complement the larger ones creating a scene with both big and small houses.

4. Tiny Home Communities In Illinois: Creal Springs

Creal springs are a tiny home community built as a holiday home region. It doesn’t matter if you are going to vacation there on a tight budget for a few days or even live for months- Creal Springs has one of the best properties in a community that has been planned and designed by specialists.

5. Lombart

These homes are only about 100 square feet, but what sets them apart from other homes is that they were all made from shipping containers. Before this housing community was created, people used to store old shipping containers here. It was only after someone started living in one of these containers that all the containers were soon renovated to make an entire housing community.


Living in tiny spaces is the only way to solve this population problem. Besides, these types of houses in the tiny home community in Illinois are cheaper than traditional houses and are more useful than regular ones are. 

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