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5 Best Tiny Home Communities In Iowa

By taufiqhaque

Living in compact homes gives a great sense of living a minimalistic lifestyle. While RVs and trailers are a great option for living with a tight budget, most people would prefer to live in an actual home instead. Read this article to know more about the tiny home communities In Iowa.

Tiny homes tend to start around less than 100 square feet and be as large as 600 square feet. These are very interesting choices of living space. If you aren’t sure about which tiny home community in Iowa to choose to go to-we have got you covered regarding that.

Tiny home communities in Iowa

Below we have gathered 5 different places in Iowa that have their tiny home community.

1. Des Moines

Des Moines, Iowa, is home to a community of about 50 tiny homes. Although it started as a program to help homeless people, more regular residents started to buy homes here. Right now, it has turned into a small and beautiful village.

All houses are 96 square feet and have been built such that there are places to places to cook and sleep. The bathrooms need to be shared between residents. In addition, there are lawns with the homes, and many residents maintain them.

2. Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids is home to hundreds of well-planned tiny stationary homes and about 50 movable ones. In addition, it is also popular for people with RVs.

Initially, the houses were built haphazardly and had bad architectural plans. Later the community started to build them under the state law for maximum safety. This was only after lawsuits were filed, which forced them to do so. Now the houses are quite the looker with maximum safety and privacy. The community is a great showcase of manmade beauty. 

3. SoFair Village

This village in Fairfield, Iowa, is known to be an attractive tourist residence spot. Since these houses are small, they are always cheap and do not have a large burden on the budget of the tourists.

These houses are built on top of a farm and include gardens, orchards, a pond, and wooded areas with walking trails. More plans are being made currently.

4. Stuart

Stuart is one of the most famous tiny home communities in Iowa. The houses and lanes are often portrayed in films and similar media, which developed the fame of the community even more.

All the houses are about 100-300 square feet and were designed to look straight of something like a fairy tale. While the community is tightly knit, they are more than friendly towards visitors.

5. MidWest

While living in stationary homes is the closest you can get to a tiny traditional house, living in RVs and trailers is not bad. This tiny home community in Iowa is home to hundreds of movable houses that complement the forest that they are housed. If you are interested in the history of Iowa, then MidWest could be a great place to reside in. 


Tiny homes could be a great solution to the population problem. While there are many problems related to living in such houses, many more pros make them worth living in. Living in the tiny home community in Iowa is a great way to save money.

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