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5 Best Tiny Home Communities In Kansas

By taufiqhaque

Kansas is known to be America’s great farmland. While the housing lands are big, the homes are smaller. Many people live in tiny movable houses to downsize the strain on their budget. These sorts of housings communities are very common in Kansas. If you are unsure about these tiny home communities in Kansas to live in, you do not need to stress out over it since we have got you covered over this.

5 Tiny Home Communities In Kansas

Tiny Home Communities In Kansas

If you are interested in living in Kansas, we have compiled a list of 5 tiny home communities in Kansas. 

1. Tiny Home Communities In Kansas: Wichita

All houses in Witchita are RV certified and have been made with sustainable resources so that they do not have any harmful impact on nature. Currently, three different RVs are being sold in the tiny home communities in Kansas. Each RV is about 150 square feet in size and combines everything you could ask in a house.

2. Tiny Home Communities In Kansas: Veterans Village

Veteran’s Village is located in the suburbs of Kansas City and was started as a community project to fight against the rising prices of real estate. Since many people could not afford the heavy prices of a traditional home, they were more than happy to move here.

The homes range from 240 to 320 square feet, meet all local city code requirements, and connect to city utility services. In addition, all the houses have been furnished.

3. Tiny Home Communities In Kansas: MidWest

The tiny homes in MidWest might be slightly expensive since it is pretty much near the main city. In addition to standalone homes, they also offer many other options, including RVs, trailers, and moving houses.

Each stationery house lies between 200-300 square feet and comes together with all facilities that can be found in a traditional home. In addition, few houses are equipped with a loft area.

4. Tiny Home Communities In Kansas: Overland Park

There is almost no permanent resident in this tiny home community in Kansas. Most people who come here tend to be on a holiday retreat to get closer to nature. Since the entire park is filled with natural foliage and furry animals, this is a popular retreat among nearby residents.

The community is built for RV housing. The RVs that people come here with tend to differ in size and facilities. In addition, many people are willing to rent their RVs for tourists out of the state very cheaply.

5. Lawrence

This is an approved tiny home community in Kansas that the Kansas government has created to provide students who found it hard to live in more expensive homes. Over time it soon turned into a large community with thousands of homes ranging from 100-900 square feet.

While a few models built initially do not have individual toilets, newer ones have their toilets.


So what are you waiting for? Now that you have enough information regarding the tiny home communities in Kansas, you should more than know where to look them for.     

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