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5 Best Tiny Home Communities in Ohio you can find

By taufiqhaque

Tiny home communities are now more sorted and desired by conscious people who want to cut expenses. If you’re one of them and looking for a tiny house community that is based in Ohio, then you’ve come to the right place. While looking for a tiny home communities in Ohio, read the article to get to know.

5 Tiny Home Communities In Ohio:

Read and find out the top 5 tiny home communities.

1. Tiny Home Communities In Ohio: Maverick Tiny Homes

Photo by: Maverick Tiny Homes

Maverick Tiny Homes, based in Ohio, to be specific, New Paris, is an outstanding Tiny House firm. They specialize in flip with a modern farmhouse twist for both residential and business projects! This business is based on a lifetime friendship, over Twenty years of professional experience, and a series of risky moves. NOAH’s a third-party certification firm with whom we’ve worked to guarantee that every home complies with all applicable energy efficiency, safety, and structural laws which are met.  

2. Tiny Home Communities In Ohio: The Cedar Springs Community

The Cedar Springs community contains tiny houses managed by their residents and leased/rented sites. We are pleased to accept pets as long as they are contained within your little home. It’s just a matter of a short stroll around lakeside from the Cedar Springs Tiny Village to Natural Springs Resort, which sells seasonal passes for accessibility to the pools, the beach, fishing, diving, and much more.

3. Tiny Home Communities In Ohio: Lovare Homestead: A Tiny House Community

Lovare Homestead: A Tiny House Community is a non-profit community. This community aims to create an active neighborhood, a self-sufficient tiny house household that shares information, meals, and high spirits together with people of all kinds. Lovare Homestead was founded to reintroduce communities into the equation by emphasizing naturally produced food and learning programs for the community’s residents. It’s a cooperative agricultural and residential property in Ohio, roughly fifty minutes between Columbus and Dayton.

4. Modern Tiny Living

Modern Tiny Living is based in Ohio. Modern Tiny Living takes pride in constructing the most solidly made, strikingly attractive, habitable, and safest tiny houses inside the entire globe, thanks to the team’s significant history in home design, craftsmanship, architecture interior, and design. Modern Tiny Living has Ohio-certified architectural and designers on staff, making them one of the best tiny housing developers in the country. So, book yourself one for the most efficient living experience.

5. Gladiola Tiny House on Wheels:

With the coziness of Gladiola Tiny House, big experiences await you in the lovely Hocking Hills. Gladiola’s architecture includes taking in the wild splendor of Lake Logan throughout its many glass panels, the front porch, or when sitting around a campfire outside. There is firewood as well as kayaks and canoes provided. The Gladiola is based near Lake Logan State Park, roughly fifty minutes from Columbus. Nearby Hocking Hills’ famed public parks and hiking trails are only steps away.


Now you have an idea about Ohio’s best five tiny home communities to choose from and buy/rent according to your taste and budget. We’re assuming you found this helpful article.

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