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5 Best Tiny Home Communities In South Carolina You can Find

By taufiqhaque

South Carolina is in the Southeastern region of the United States. It is a great city to live in for its mild weather also it is quite affordable. To make your livelihood easier and more enjoyable, we have brought to you some tiny home communities that will help you find the right place according to your preferences.  Let us introduce to you the tiny home communities in South Carolina.

5 Tiny Home Communities In South Carolina

Below we have listed the top. You won’t find many options for tiny communities in South Carolina. But no worries, we’ve shortlisted three options for you. It’s time to introduce you to our most favorite 5 tiny home communities in South Carolina:

1. Creek Walk

Just on Swamp Rabbit Trail, you’ll find one of South Carolina’s best Tiny Home Communities. It’s only a mile to historic Travelers Rest, so it’s only a short drive to downtown Greenville! They are mostly intended to be permanent structures on the land, although they contain a few spots for shorter tiny homes with wheels. Electricity, sewer, trash, water, property maintenance, Wi-Fi at the community hall, property taxes, utilities, community engagement, and more are included. Interior options include the spectacular rustic plank, moving barn doors, strong lighting fixtures, pine floating shelves, and gorgeous marble counters. Lakefront houses are specifically created and provide new interior possibilities such as magnificent shiplap walls, moving barn doors, rising light fixtures, pine cabinetry, and gorgeous marble counters.

2. Green River

This community is at 770 W. Frontage Rd Campobello, SC 29322. It’s a tiny home community where you can buy, rent or even start your own renting business. The facilities are something worth spending the money on. It takes almost four to six weeks to build your own tiny house in this community. From utilities to daily necessaries, you’ll get every facility you can imagine of. 

3. Lake Walk

Lake Walk is a picturesque forested tiny home development in Greer, SC, nestled just on the side of Lake Cunningham. Over fifteen acres, there are forty-three sites with plenty of urban green space, a cultural center, and communal gardens with views of the mountains. Models of tiny houses are on display. New houses are being built weekly.

4. Acony Bell Tiny Home Community

Acony Bell Tiny Home Community is designed with a minimalistic approach to life in mind, offers stable, protracted sites as well as short-term holiday accommodations so that you can get a taste of a tiny lifestyle. The Ale Trail runs through Acony Bell Tiny Home Community, ten minutes from Oskar Blues Brewery, fifteen minutes from Sierra Nevada Brewing, and twenty-five minutes from Asheville. Community gardens, walking paths, edible landscapes, mountain bike trails, filled fire areas, and a neighborhood center is among the community’s attractions.

5. Bluebird Tiny Community

In South Carolina, the Bluebird little community is a place to stay. The tiny village of Bluebell is adjacent to WACH-TV and Keenan Junior High School. Richland Mall is located 312 kilometers south of the tiny village of Bluebird. Columbia Place is located 312 kilometers northeast of this Bluebird little community.


These are the perfect options you can get. Besides the excellent views that these tiny home communities provide, in South Carolina, you should experience beaches, golf courses, and historic districts. I hope you will enjoy these very much.

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