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5 Best Tiny House Communities In Michigan You Can Find

By taufiqhaque

Are large apartments with lots of space not working out for you? Are you looking for a compact home to fit into your minimalist lifestyle? Then we’ve got just the thing for you because these tiny home communities in Michigan might just be what you are looking for. They’re small and easy to maintain, and while you might think that these houses might be flimsy, you’d be surprised to find them to be very sturdy.

For people looking for a place to stay in Michigan, you might benefit from checking this list of the best tiny house Communities in Michigan.

Five Best Tiny House Communities in Michigan

1. Tiny House Estates

This new and functional tiny house community in Michigan is located in Traverse Bay Resort, filled with people’s houses waiting to be owned. From visually stunning homes to more compact versions with wheels for lugging around, one look over this community, and you will find the house of your dreams. The Michigan city life might be tiring you out, so don’t wait to check out these houses if you want some isolation.

2. Wheelhaus

This tiny house community is the combined effort of Traverse bay resort and Wheelhaus, a known home builder in Michigan. The home may be tiny, but they still go to 5000 square feet in space. Each home has been made with quality wood and features beautiful porches.

3. Michelle and Chris Gerard

Located in Detroit, Michigan, it is a series of tiny houses at about 300 square feet of space per house. If you’re someone who lives on a budget, then you came to the right place as these houses are meant for people with a low range of income. The best thing about this community is that if you stay here for 7 years, you get the opportunity of permanent ownership of your house.

4. Cass Community

This is yet to be completed in a tiny house community, but currently, the goal is to build 25 tiny homes on stable land. Many of the homes here will be miniature full houses, including bonus living space. It is available for people of all types and income groups, including people who have become homeless.

5. Chery Industrial

Chery industrial is here to provide people looking for affordable and safe living homes. These houses have been builte from metal and wood to last a long time. They have been constructed for the comfort of living, and you won’t even want to leave your home after the first step.


You might be new to Michigan, or you might be someone who’s lived in the city for a while. Either way, these tiny homes might save you a lot of money. The small homes emit a comfy and cozy vibe you might be looking for this winter, so don’t hesitate to check out these tiny home communities in Michigan.

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