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A Sense of Belonging With Tiny Home Communities In Washington

By taufiqhaque

The tiny home movement has taken society over by a storm. You buy a tiny house and set yourself up on a piece of land. You get to live the rest of your life mortgage and rent-free. So, where do these houses come from? Are they even legal? Most importantly, why do people like living in such cramped spaces? Well, some cabins are more spacious than you think. They even come with a multitude of benefits. You just need to learn how to handle small spaces. 

The Best Tiny Home Communities in Washington 

Tiny homes in Washington are different from the rest. Modular units are more popular here. There’s enough privacy for the residents. The primary objective is to encourage community interactions, though. Here are some of the best tiny home communities in Washington: 

1. Quixote Communities

In this village, innovation meets affordability. Quixote Communities started as a solution for homelessness. It soon turned into a regional movement of Tiny Houses. So many people need to gain footing in this fast-paced world. The Quixote Communities help you gain momentum. You get peer mentorship and support by nurturing connections with the community. The real question is, can life be good? Well, it wholly depends on you. 

2. LIHI Whittier Heights Tiny House Village

The LIHI Whittier Heights Tiny House Village has grown exponentially. This village was built as a response to the pandemic. However, it soon transformed into a community. Now, you can find these villages all across the country. This village offers a place to heal. You can take a breather and reflect on your life. The community also has managers that help you sort out employment. If you want to live in a village with a strong sense of community, this is it!

3. Mt. Loop Tiny Homes, LLC 

This community is filled with diversity. Every tiny house is built with your needs in mind. The tiny house movement is a new way of life. Here, you have to organize your space cleverly. With better organization, you get to enjoy less clutter. You can typically find four different plans. Or, you can design your own. Everything is locally sourced and manufactured too. So whether you’re looking for a hunting cabin or an RV, you can find them all here. 


A tiny house and the environment are essential. However, a new set of habits is a prerequisite. Without these, you won’t be able to habituate yourself to this new home. You need to let go of an abundance of things. Everything is downsized to accommodate this practical and functional way of living.

This is a life of simplicity. You won’t be able to hoard too many objects in your living space. Also, if you can’t appreciate the great outdoors, living in tiny home communities in Washington isn’t for you. It’s a communal space. Are you ready to embrace this change? 

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