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Are There Any Tiny Home Communities In Alabama

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Tiny houses are different from regular houses. Regular houses have spaces that we do not utilize. Tiny house lets you utilize all the spaces inside. Moreover, tiny houses on wheels can be moved to different places.  Looking for tiny home communities in Alabama to settle in? Then read this article to know all about tiny homes communities in Alabama.

Unfortunately, Tiny houses are yet to be legalized in all of the USA. Alabama is one of those states that has not fully legalized tiny houses.

Fortunately, there is a light of hope for tiny house enthusiasts in Alabama. In this article, we will discuss the tiny home communities in Alabama.

Alabama Tiny House Situation

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Alabama is not friendly toward tiny houses. There are many reasons behind it. Fortunately, there are ways around them as well.

How does Alabama treat tiny houses?

Alabama is not open to accepting tiny houses. The prime reason for it is that Alabama has no uniform building codes. Their zoning code isn’t uniform either. Both of these codes are regulated by the local administration. They vary dramatically from country to country. So even if you manage to build a tiny house in one country of Alabama, it may not be accepted in another country of the state.

Where can I set a tiny home in Alabama?

Alabama has strict regulations on putting your tiny house (Built by following local regulations). You cannot leave your tiny house on the roadside or open grounds.

Here are the places where you can put your tiny houses in Alabama:

  1. Your private property
  2. A backyard (Friends/relatives)
  3. RV parking station
  4. Tiny house communities

Some cities in Alabama let you set your tiny house in neighborhood lots with authorized permissions.

Tiny home communities in Alabama

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Although Alabama is not friendly toward tiny houses, there is hope for tiny house dwellers. They can live peacefully in tiny home communities in Alabama. Are there any tiny home communities available in Alabama now? There is one. Let us introduce the community.

Eagles Landing tiny home community, Lake Martin, Alabama

Unfortunately, Eagles Landing’s tiny home community is the only active and open community available in Alabama. There aren’t any public tiny home communities in Alabama seen yet. But we can hope to see some real soon by the influence of Eagles Landing’s tiny home community.

The Eagles Landing tiny home community is located in Lake Martin, Alabama. This spot offers you a great landscape to truly emerge into the minimalist motto of tiny homes.

The community does not sell tiny houses but gives them for rent. Each tiny house in the community is 550 square feet. Each cabin is equipped with one queen-sized bed and two bunk beds.

Moreover, they come with fully functional kitchens that include a microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Each tiny home in the community has a front porch that directly faces the lake. 

Whether you can bring in your own tiny home on the spot or not is not mentioned. You will need to speak with the manager about that.


So that’s all about tiny home communities in Alabama. As you can see, the tiny home situation in Alabama is not assuring. Unless the Alabama state government fully legalizes tiny homes, we suggest you not rush into pursuing your dream tiny home in Alabama.

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