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Are There Any Tiny Home Communities In New Jersey

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Housing is an essential human need for living. Unfortunately, the housing and mortgage price in the U.S.A is rising rapidly. It is not easy to afford a decent urban house. Fortunately, we have a solution, and that is tiny homes. Read this article to know more about tiny home communities in New Jersey.

Tiny homes are the answer to increasing home prices. But the problem is they are not allowed in every U.S state. New Jersey is on that list.

It is very unfortunate considering the expensive housing and utility price in New Jersey. But will things change for the better? Let’s look at the tiny home community situation in New Jersey.

Tiny Home Communities in New Jersey

The housing cost of New Jersey is 142.4 in the US cost of living index. It is way above 100, which is considered the U.S average. That is why tiny homes and tiny home communities appear to be the most reasonable solution for living.

Unfortunately, the New Jersey authorities do not allow tiny homes in the state. Since tiny homes are illegal, there are no grounds to develop a tiny home community in New Jersey.

Why are Tiny Home Communities illegal in New Jersey?

The reason tiny home communities are illegal in New Jersey is that there are no building codes. States that have allowed tiny homes have specific building codes for them.

They have building codes for tiny homes on foundations and tiny homes on wheels/ mobile tiny homes. But New Jersey has not published any tiny home building codes. They have prohibited the construction of tiny homes.

The reason for them not thinking of legalizing tiny homes can be many. Zoning rules, taxing complications, regulations, marketing forces, etc. Then there are also local home developers that object to the construction of tiny homes.

Will It Be Legalized in New Jersey Soon?

We do not think that tiny home communities in New Jersey will be legalized soon. The situation in New Jersey is tight. Though there are homeless veterans in New Jersey, the authorities object to tiny homes.

There have been many attempts and movements to strengthen the tiny home movement in New Jersey. But all of them have failed. Hence we don’t think that tiny homes will be legalized any time soon in New Jersey.

Is it Possible to Live in a Tiny Home in New Jersey?

Although New Jersey does not allow tiny homes, it is somehow possible to live in a tiny home in the state. You will have to be under the radar for it.

Go to a rural area and construct your tiny home. The less attention you seek, the better.

There is another solution. If you have a mobile tiny home of less than 400 square feet, you can live in some RV zones of New Jersey. You need to register the house as an RV in New Jersey.

But you cannot live full-time in that tiny home.


So that’s the tiny home community situation in New Jersey. It is very unfortunate for New Jersey. The state where tiny homes can make the most difference does not allow tiny homes,

The future does not seem bright either. It will take a long time and high effort to turn things around for New Jersey.

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