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Are Tiny Home Communities Allowed In Arkansas

By taufiqhaque

Arkansas offers variety like no other state in the USA. It is full of lakes, rivers, hot springs, and green landscapes. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect place to diversify your living? What better way to do that than living in a tiny house?

Arkansas has its building code for tiny homes, and each home must go through inspections. The building codes suggest each tiny house has a minimum 600 square foot area. Though it is contradictory to the usual 400 square foot limit, that did not stop tiny house communities in Arkansas from growing.

This article will introduce you to some of the best tiny house communities in Arkansas.

Tiny home communities in Arkansas

The building codes and zoning laws have made it very difficult to form a tiny home community in Arkansas. You will have a hard time finding any tiny home community.

But there is one tiny home community in here that may interest you. The Eagle Tiny home community. We find it to be the only reliable and trustworthy tiny home community in the state of Arkansas. We have described more about this community below.

Eagle Homes Tiny home community

Eagle Homes Tiny Home Community is the biggest tiny home community in Arkansas state. It is located on Mount Ne. It is only 4 minutes away from Downtown Rogers. So you will not be disconnected from the urban life while living here.

The tiny home community of Eagle homes consists of 50 tiny dwelling units. There are different floor plans for the tiny houses. But each tiny house comes with a strong and durable exterior and interior. Due to building codes in Arkansas, the tiny homes here are 600 square feet minimum. So the tiny houses here are bigger than usual tiny homes in other states.

The price differs according to floor plans. The lowest price is $70,000. As it is a community, there will be some laws and regulations for protecting everyone in the community. You must uphold those laws to be allowed inside this tiny home community.

The community is filled with super-friendly and open-minded people. It will be a great place to live in and enjoy your tiny home vacations.

What is the future of tiny home communities in Arkansas?

Photo by: Tony-Anderson

Arkansas has allowed tiny homes and even made specific building laws about tiny homes. But the laws differ from city to city. This has made things very difficult for tiny home dwellers in here.

However, tiny homes on wheels are considered as RV in most of the cities of Arkansas. SO they face more restrictions than tiny homes on foundations.

Whether things will change or not is difficult to tell. But if things change for the better, we can hope for more tiny home communities opening in Arkansas.


So, this was our take on the tiny house community situation in Arkansas. The state may have allowed tiny homes, but the laws are significantly different from other states. So Arkansas remains one of the unfriendliest states for tiny home communities.

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