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Best Modern Tiny Home Designs in 2022

By taufiqhaque

The tiny house movement has revolutionized the standard of living. Many people from different spheres of society are finding this off-the-grid lifestyle in tiny houses to be the most suitable style of living. However, many of these off-grid living enthusiasts do not have any DIY skills to build a tiny house on their own. Also, many people want to live in tiny houses but are confused about which tiny house design would be most perfectly suitable for them. In this article, we present to you a list of the best modern tiny home designs of 2022 from which you can select designs most suitable.

We would suggest not to worry because no matter if you want to either settle down your tiny house to a specific place or want to move around with it by attaching a wheel, there will always be designs that meet your needs. And in this article, we present to you a list of the best modern tiny home designs of 2022 from which you can select tiny house designs most suitable for your taste and necessity.

The Best Tiny House Designs in 2022:

1. Nugget (Modern Tiny Living)

This 102 square feet sized tiny house is an extraordinary art and an attractive example of modern-day small house ideas in 2022. The Nugget is a tiny house that has been designed to ensure functioning with full capacity with fully off-grid status. 

Nugget offers you a desirable size featuring a very good 12 feet of length and scaling slightly over 4,500 pounds. This is so far one of the largest vehicles that come with zero inconveniences. The outlook of Nugget is very attractive with its tactile pine paneling, hickory wood-made countertop, and vinyl floors. Nugget offers you a green composting toilet as well to ensure a reliable operation of the off-grid living style.  

2. Vantage Tiny Home (Tiny Heirloom)

 If a camper is looking for a tiny house for sale that incorporates nature in view everywhere they go, then the Vantage Tiny Home from Tiny Heirloom is arguably the perfect choice! The huge windows of Vantage Tiny Home allow more than sufficient light to get in. You can also enjoy nature from anywhere you go as the large windows make sure the views ahead are widely visible. So you can never miss any natural phenomenon going outside. Vantage Tiny Houses come with around 160-230 square feet. 

The trailer lengths of Vantage Tiny Homes are 16′, 20′, and 24′. You can customize this tiny house with your tiny house designs if you want to add any more features to it. A comfortable off-grid living is ensured with this design, and you can have one of the most aesthetic small house ideas in 2022 by owning a Vantage Tiny Home.

3. Allwood Sommers by Garden House

In 2022, if you are searching for a tiny home that comes with a sale and a completely open floor plan, then the Allwood Sommersby Garden House will be a perfect choice. With around a 174 square feet size, Allwood Sommersby Garden House is a tiny house that perfectly serves as an office, studio, or other purposes. However, this tiny house might lack amenities like wiring, insulation, or a bathroom. So living in it full time will require quite some work to do on this home to making living standards perfect. If you want to purchase this house, you can make it for around $8,300, which is reasonable for a tiny house design like this. 

4. Jupe

Jupe is a tiny house made inspired by the stars. It is an advanced design for people who love to live off the grid. This 111 square feet house is not just a shelter above your head. Instead, it is an intense experience that will help you escape the crowd. 

Jupe presents a vast interior, with large windows that offer you the experience of openness by providing natural light and excellent ventilation. Jupe’s front-facing exterior can open into a large panoramic window to provide magnificent wide-angle views. You can choose your preferred furniture like a queen-size bed or two extra-large twin-size beds with Nectar mattresses for your Jupe. Every unit of Jupe features a designer desk, ottoman, and chair.

5. Vista Tiny Home (Escape Homes)

 Vista Tiny Home is one of the most aesthetic tiny house designs of 2022. Living in this tiny house, you can live around the freshness of nature as it perfectly suits the natural environment. The large windows of this tiny house allow enough light and wind inside your home. It has a lovely look, and it comes in 7800 pounds with 21 feet in length. This house is so perfect that it will support both your off-grid lifestyle and standard RV hookups. The unique design with natural materials like pine interiors and cedar paneling makes this tiny house design stand out amazingly. This house’s living space and storage are perfect for a pair of single people, as it comes with at least 175 square feet of space. It incorporates a separate bathroom and sleeping area as well. 

6. Cornelia Tiny House (New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The perfect finishing and premium quality details of this tiny house make it so unique that even the slightly higher cost for this house is worth it. If you are searching for a tiny house that can give you the feeling of solitary life away from the madding crowd, this tiny home has the ideal design. If you are interested in writing, you can ideally focus on your writing career while staying in this tiny house.

Cornelia Tiny house covers 250 square feet area, and the design consists of a king-size bed with a massive view all around, a bathroom, a comfortable living room, and sufficient space for cooking. 

It also offers you library shelves that is beautifully crafted with cedar. However, you might not be able to use them as an RV as these tiny houses are not RVIA certified. But you can move and locate these houses in any of your desired places.

7. The Monacle (Wind River)

This 240 square feet sized tiny home’s manufacturing is perfectly executed by Wind River by maintaining a premium standard. The Monacle is a tiny home on wheels with 10′ width and 24′ length. It can fit in a queen-sized bed, a bathroom with a bathtub, and closets that offer massive hanging space. Other beautiful features are a set of lovely French doors and windows with aluminum-clad.

Eucalyptus (Minimalist Houses)

The 285 square feet sized Eucalyptus tiny houses are a highly stylish version of the year 2022 tiny houses. This tiny house design is perfectly custom-made for couples. This house is divided into two levels and offers features like a bathroom with a shower, kitchen functionalities, laundry facilities, and sufficient space on the upper floor for a bedroom. Eucalyptus houses feature a warm and attractive palette of colors. The windows of this house are well-sized, which allows plenty of natural light and air.

 9. Roanoke (Tumbleweed)

 This design of Tumbleweed comes with 139 square feet or more, and it is another of the most beautiful and multifunctional homes consisting of a lot of loft space, room enough for a double bed, and a full-size fridge freezer. This tiny house is RVIA certified, which allows you to enjoy using this house as an RV happily.

10. The Urban Payette (TruForm Tiny)

 One of the most famous tiny houses available for sale is The Urban Payette from TruForm Tiny. This 358 square feet tiny house features a loft space, solar panels, bump-outs, and dormers. TruFrom Tiny offers several variations of tiny homes with several lengths for sale, and their outdoor options make your tiny home amazingly outstanding and unique looking. TruForm Tiny made these tiny homes by experienced and qualified craftsmen and tradespeople. So you do not have to worry about the wiring and plumbing installation by professional hands. Going for this house will ensure one great tiny home.

11. Degsy (84 Lumbers Tiny Houses)

This 160 square feet tiny house design is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional homes. Degsy is made of materials from sustainable sources that will mold your lifestyle into a less consuming pattern that will help to have less impact on the environment. Degsy from 84 Lumbers has a glossy modern look, and it offers everything you’ll need, including showers, cooktops, a refrigerator, and a composting toilet.

12. Cayman (Tiny Innovations)

 If you are looking forward to buying a tiny home on sale for your family, this 204 square feet tiny house design is the most suitable choice. Cayman from Tiny Innovations offers you 2 to 3 bedrooms almost perfect for the average family size. This design from Tiny Innovations is very smart and has made excellent use of space. You can also make further customization if you have any additional and specific requirements for the house.

13. Minim Micro Home

This 264 square feet sized simplistic designed tiny home is equivalent to a studio flat. Minim Micro Home’s design features no walls for partitions which makes the interior hollow. Some exceptionally skilled craftsmen have contributed to making this tiny house stand out and perfect for living both on-grid and off-grid. One of the most surprising features of Minim Micro Houses is its 10′ kitchen up to a fully-fledged projector and large screen. So the dwellers can enjoy watching movies or tv series together while dining. The inclusion of an easy and safe to use pull-out bed has allowed vertical and horizontal space. 

14. Nordic 

This tiny house built and designed in Norway is perfect for withstanding any harsh element. To escape the crowd of the city, you can place Nordic by the sea during summer and in the skiing seasons place them in the mountains or the forest. Many innovative designers and builders together have accomplished the building of this amazing tiny house, which puts it on the list of the best small house ideas in 2022. 

15. Mods International Prefabricated Tiny House

The Mods International Prefabricated Tiny House brings most of the essentials you might look for while living in a tiny. These tiny houses are fully furnished and insulated, with everything your home requires to be perfect, such as a bedroom, kitchen, and toilet. And the surprising fact is you can even buy this tiny house on Amazon! This 320 square feet house is very well built with facilities like air conditioning, heating, and lighting throughout. 

16. Lillevilla Cabin Getaway

Although the cost of this 292 square feet tiny house can refrain you from thinking about going for it, its great look and other advantages are worth the money. You will get enough space in this tiny house design and a loft bedroom. However, you have to keep in mind that this is a kit you must assemble by yourself. But if you have enough time on your weekends and have a few helping hands around then, it might need just a few days to assemble this unique tiny house. The only unfortunate thing is you will have to purchase and install your electric connection and plumbing utilities separately while living in this tiny house. 


Tiny houses are one of the most trending things in the 21st century. The living standard, the flexibility, and the freedom they offer are outstanding. While owning a tiny house, we can say that building your own tiny house can cost way less than buying a tiny house. But the most attractive advantage of buying tiny houses from a well-reputed builder company is the certainty of standard and class. The above tiny house designs highlighted in this article are among the best small house ideas in 2022 that you can come across. And certainly, picking any of these modern designs of tiny houses will fulfill your tastebuds.

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