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Best Tiny Home Communities To Move In Georgia

By taufiqhaque

Georgia is one of the most popular states in the USA. Georgia, famous as the peach state, has many wonderful and undiscovered landscapes. This can be your perfect vacation spot.

Georgia has legalized tiny homes. You can find many tiny home communities in Georgia. Everyone is welcome in these tiny home communities. Some communities even allow you to bring your mobile tiny home and settle down in their community.

This article will introduce you to some of these wonderful tiny home communities in Georgia.

Tiny Home Communities in Georgia

Georgia is filled with many wonderful tiny home communities and RV parking villages. They are located in different areas of Georgia.

However, some communities are still working on gaining permits for mobile tiny homes. So if you want to move in with a mobile tiny home, it is better that you speak to the community manager before you do so.

That being said, here are some of the best tiny home communities in Georgia.

Silver Hill Escape Tiny Home Community

The Silver Hill Escape is a hybrid tiny home community. You have tiny homes for rent and also parking lots for rent.

The tiny homes for rent are in phase 1 of Silver Hill Escape. There are a total of 10 tiny homes for rent, and they all come with basic living amenities. In phase 2, you have 31 parking lots for rent. Here you can bring in your own mobile tiny home or RV.

The parking lots and the tiny house lots are ¾ acres in size. There is a common community pool and a common community hiking trail and pavilion in the Silver Hill Escape.

The surrounding of this community is filled with trees. This makes it one of the greenest tiny home communities in Georgia. 

Riverside Escape Tiny Home Community

The RiverSide Escape Tiny Home community is a small tiny home community. It consists of only 11 tiny homes. There are all basic amenities. Unfortunately, the internet here will be an issue.

Besides that, all RiverSide Escape tiny homes will access the public boat ramp on the East Fork of Little River. There you can swim, or fish and enjoy a great evening.

There are no parking lots for rent in this tiny home community. So if you want to move in with your own tiny home, we suggest you look for other tiny home communities in Georgia. 

Little River Escape Tiny Home Community


The Little River Tiny House community is one of Georgia’s biggest tiny home communities. It consists of 48 lots. Unfortunately, this community stays full all year round.

The lots are big enough to house a Park RV model. So on empty lots, you can move in with your own mobile tiny homes.

It has great amenities. Be sure to check it out.


So, these were the tiny home communities in Georgia. They offer great amenities for dwellers and can serve as your tiny permanent residence. Make sure to check them out if you are interested.

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