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Best Tiny House Communities In The USA

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Tiny house communities are gaining popularity across the United States for their simplicity and low operating expenses. A tiny home in the USA is an excellent choice for downsizing or as a low-cost entry point for those looking to purchase their first residence.

State zoning rules formerly hampered the tiny home movement, prohibiting extremely small residential structures. However, the movement is now thriving, with villages sprouting up throughout the United States.

There are numerous areas in the United States where micro house inhabitants coexist, and additional tiny home communities, ranging from environmental to holiday retreats, are in the cards. Here are a few best tiny house communities in the USA which are helping to shape the future of residing in small spaces.

Best Tiny House Communities Where You Can Live

Best Tiny House Communities

A community is quite important when it comes to living somewhere. Not only will these people be around you most of the time, but each community has its way of doing things. The nature of your tiny house community should meddle well with your nature as well, or else it would be quite tough to mingle with the neighborhood.

Tiny House Community in Texas

Best Tiny House Communities
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Spur, Texas welcomes you to settle if you are seeking to escape the city or suburbs for the broad plains. While there are few job prospects, local authorities claim self-sufficient persons wishing to start a business will benefit from the low real estate prices. Similarly, Spur’s price of living is about 30% lower than the average nationally.

However, before you start with your bags to one of the top tiny house communities, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Spur’s fun-size house rules: Yurts or “natural” buildings made of materials such as straw, clay, or mud, such as earth dwellings and straw-bale homes, are prohibited. In addition, all residences, no matter how modest, require a suitable foundation and a flushing toilet connected to utility providers.

Spur, a rural town situated in West Texas, happens to be the first in the United States to allow tiny houses. Spur’s town council was also the first to enact a resolution allowing residences that fall under 500 square feet (in July 2014), starting to say “hello” to the micro house dream and calling Spur the “nations’ first tiny house-friendly town.”

Tiny House Community in California

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A tiny house development near San Diego, California is called Tiny House Block. The tiny town plans include ten homes with individual picnic tables and fire pits, appealing to environmentally conscious small-space inhabitants. They’ve also considered the practicalities of the building project, and they’ve graciously offered a rent decrease while your house is being built. In the case of a rural area like this, their facilities are impressive: a garden plot, dog-walking area, laundry, pool house, strong internet, and now even community events.

In terms of the small homes themselves, if construction isn’t your thing, they also sell a selection of prefabricated tiny dwellings.

Tiny House Community in Florida

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Tiny houses on wheels must be classified as towable motorhomes for a myriad of purposes, including zoning rules and towing insurance. The result? By accepting these wandering houses, aging RV parks are generating fresh income.

The Orlando Lakefront situated in College Park in Orlando, Florida, is a wonderful example. After years of deterioration, it has been reborn as a tiny housing community. The RV park is currently home to 34 tiny houses. We have learned that there is space for another 15 people. Monthly fees range between $400 and $650.

Constructed in the late 1940s, the Orlando Lakefront has been in collapse until lately, when it was nothing more than an aging RV park. But, thanks to zoning restrictions and insurance requirements that require small houses to conform to RV classifications, this location has gotten a new lease on life and hosts one of the thriving tiny house communities now.

It has some pretty fantastic facilities and is only minutes from Orlando. The lengthy wait list is probably the only disadvantage we can identify. But, given the excellent facilities and proximity to downtown Orlando, it’s to be anticipated.

Tiny House Community near Sequoia National Park

Best Tiny House Communities

At the Lemon Cove Village, you can construct a small residence on a loveable lot. It is just a tiny house-friendly RV town in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills, only minutes from Sequoia National Park.

The monthly costs for the sites range between $450 to $595, including amenities. While your tiny home in the USA is being built, you will receive a rent discount. There are a few little cottages for sale, and antique trailers are welcome.

A dog park, small garden, and launderette are among the amenities available in the rural town, which are often found in accessible urban areas.

Tiny House Community in Colorado


In two mountain villages, the tiny house trend has gone suburbia. Both projects are being spearheaded by Sprout Tiny Homes included including La Junta, Colorado.

Salida in Colorado, popularly known as the “Heart of the Rockies,” is the site of the largest planned expansion. This will be the state’s leading small house neighborhood, with 200 rental houses varying in size between 260 to 760 square feet. It also is a popular retirement destination.

The second challenge is a micro-housing development near Walsenburg, Colorado, with 33 units size ranging from 260 to 670 square feet. The sale begins at $60,000. These tiny house communities would be accessible towns with retail areas and shared amenities like a gym as well as plenty of greenery.

Tiny House Community in Michigan

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Wheelhaus, a tiny home builder specializing in luxury modular homes, teamed up with Traverse Bay RV Resort situated in Acme, Michigan, to develop a neighborhood of miniature estates. Homes are typically 400 square feet in size, with lots beginning at 5,000 sq. ft. Each residence includes modern conveniences, porches, and picturesque interiors with salvaged wooden floors and rafters.

Cass Community’s social workers are currently constructing 25 tiny dwellings- which might be your tiny home in the USA someday. Each residence has its own 30 x 100-foot plot of ground and is built on pillars. Most houses also have a fantastic back deck or front patio. Elderly people, the formerly homeless, learners, and some members of staff are among the residents who qualify as limited-income residents.

Tiny House Community in Minnesota- Village

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Need to find a space for your tiny apartment on wheels right away? At The Sanctuary Minnesota Village, you could be one of the first residents. It’s a peaceful haven for adults exclusively.

This tiny community in the USA, founded by Bill and Brenda Campbell, is providing tiny home inhabitants a place to stay and park for a six-month annual lease on a minimum. Don’t have a little house in the United States? They further have a few rental homes accessible. However, cats are the only animals allowed on the property, so sorry dog owners!.

The Sanctuary is a micro house town in the lovely Minnesota countryside that offers both rented property for your tiny apartment and tiny dwellings to rent. The parking area ranges in price from $350-$450 monthly.

Tiny House Community in Oregon

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One of the newer tiny house villages, Tiny Tranquility is among our preferences. It includes 43 plots for tiny homes as well as vintage RVs just on the Oregon coast, outside the community of Waldport. The village offers a strong sense of community and excellent facilities.

Did we mention it’s only a few steps away from a stunning sandy beach? On the other hand, the Doug Fir Lodge acts as the community’s hub, providing a welcoming environment for events and casual chats. A lounge, huge TV, game room, pong, and an outside fire pit plus grill are all included in this 2,400 square foot structure.

Backyards in Portland, Oregon are being transformed into mini tiny house communities thanks to Accessory Dwelling Units. An ADU, often known as a granny flat as well as a mother-in-law house, is a dwelling constructed on the grounds of an actual house. These tiny structures are always a mere fraction of the primary residence.

Orange Splot, a sustainable home builder, built the two 526 sq ft ADUs in a client’s yard. Each of the “Ruth’s Garden Cottages” features a porch, a full restroom, and a bedroom loft. The kitchenette in the main house is shared by the residents.

Tiny House Community in Minnesota 

Alchemy Architects focuses on small dwellings and is currently working on a village of tiny houses on solid underpinnings in St. Paul, Minnesota. When contrasted to a conventional American home, the apartments will have energy efficiency measures that will cut their carbon emissions by up to 93 percent. Every one of the tiny homes in the USA, which will be between 300 and 1,200 square feet, will be situated on 1.5-acre lots. Consider paying roughly $100,000 on average.

Tiny House Community in Arizona

Finding a tiny home in the USA has a lot to do with downsizing. However, downsizing should not necessarily mean that you have to compromise with the interior and quality of the scenery in front of you. According to famous tiny house communities, the dwellings can be made as picturesque as any other. 

Such a tiny home builder, LuxTiny, focuses on creating one of the first tiny house communities in Arizona, in the White Mountains specifically. It shall consist of 45 lots over the distribution of 6 acres overall. The lease rates for the sectors are estimated to be at $360 or even less.

You may rent about $800 monthly or buy homes whose prices start at $64,900 approximately. There shall be plenty of walking space and greenery around you, making your tiny home in the USA as perfect as you wished it to be.

Tiny House Community in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan is another suitable option if you’re looking for tiny house communities in the USA. Most of the tiny homes situated within the area have a rear deck or a front porch, making the design as close as what you watch on Pinterest. Moreover, you may even have the opportunity to be the owner of the property if you live in it for at least seven years. Sounds amazing, right?

Tiny House Community in Wine Country

In the Sonoma Valley of the Wine Country situated in California, you may have the perfect tiny home that you have been seeking. The tiny village is a dwelling of RVs and caters to the tiny moveable homes. Community gardens and storage units for each individual are on the plans as amenities, since this is one of the tiny house communities under construction.

Check the plot out if you’re planning to dwell in a tiny home in the USA shortly, but haven’t decided on it yet. As of current times, there has been no news on when the development is breaking the ground.

Tiny House Community for the Skiers

Colorado’s ski resort named Breckenridge is quite popular for skiers. Due to the rising popularity, there is a tiny house community situated in the Whispering Aspen Village that is merely 38 minutes far from the resort itself. For a mere amount of $100,000, you shall be able to buy your land and build as you please through a tiny house residence. The sceneries are unparalleled and you know what you shall miss as a skier if you compromise with the views.

The little distance from the resort further makes the tiny house community a demanded one, since most people wish to be living near places where they can ski.

Tiny House Community in Nevada

In the Airstream Village of Las Vegas, you shall be able to find the first tiny house communities of Nevada, which are particularly popular with the alpaca lovers. 

The internet sensation and Zappos Online Shop CEO, Tony Hseih has his alpacas roaming around the plot, wandering and mingling with the dwellers of the 30 tiny homes other than his own. 

The monthly utilities include internet access, community events, and other basic amenities. These tiny house communities are a mixture of the Tumbleweed houses as well as the Airstream trailers, which were built to please the ones coming to live around here. The tiny house community has quite a unique structure and shall be loved by anybody wishing for something out of the box!

Bottom Line

Pick out the best tiny home communities that you felt would match your taste from the ones listed above. Remember, it all comes down to how you wish your tiny home in the USA to be. Good luck!

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