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Comfortable Tiny Home Communities In Maryland

By taufiqhaque

Tiny home communities in Maryland saved many from mortgage payments, homelessness, and additional, unforgiving costs of utilities. Other than that, many in the State wish to practice green and minimized living and look for a community that exercises the same. 

Nothing enables sustainable and downsized living like tiny home communities with like-minded people. There are a few established tiny home communities in Maryland despite the zoning law restrictions against them. 

1. Tiny Home Communities In Maryland: Blue Moon Rising Village in Deep Creek Lake

Reclaimed, Recycled, or Recyclable. This is what tiny home communities in deep creek lake wish to attain.

Deep creek lake houses one of the most popular tiny home communities in Maryland, called Blue Moon Rising Village. This tiny home community consists of 14 little cabins that cater to the individual’s taste and needs.

Like most tiny home communities, blue moon rising residents also take their sustainability lifestyle quite seriously. Hence the houses are built using reclaimed materials.

2. Tiny Home Communities In Maryland: The Hobitat in Garrett County

Comfortable Tiny Home Communities in Maryland

In the state’s Garrett County, you can find one of Maryland’s most popular tiny home communities. This community is known as Hobitat, and the homes are called Waldens.

The community is filled with people living in tiny $45,000 to $100,000 homes, designed and built with customized materials. Each of the community members opts for structures that use materials that are locally sourced and recycled. 

With sustainability being the main purpose, this community thrives with reclaimed tiny homes and people of the same mindset.

Hobitat aims to build a community that has people willing and enjoying an environmentally approachable, cordial living. Hence residents are allowed to go through a trial before deciding if they want to be part of the community. 

3. Tiny Home Communities In Maryland: Smaltimore Homes in Baltimore

In Baltimore, tiny home communities have risen everywhere. Smaltimore Homes has built a community that shelters people living below the poverty line through micro homes. 

They, too, practice sustainable living. This community encourages volunteering and donations. 

Generally, Baltimore tiny houses are 238 square feet in size, residents of the community $28,000 and $60,000 if they wish to purchase a tiny home and be a part of the microhouse group.

Future of THOW community

THOW community and mobile tiny home supporters push the laws for better regulations. 

THOW communities are mainly covered by low-income dwellers or homeless people looking to be a part of a tiny home community that is mobile, temporary, and cheapest to afford. 


Tiny home communities in Maryland encourage people to achieve an economically and environmentally sound lifestyle.

Despite zoning restrictions, transitional housing is what many residents of Maryland have been moving towards for the myriad of benefits a tiny home community has to offer.

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