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Find Solace In Tiny Home Communities In Virginia

By taufiqhaque

The tiny home communities are becoming increasingly popular. It’s understandable too. Getting a tiny home is the best way to break free from mortgages. This affordable lifestyle is causing the communities in Virginia to grow every day. 

The Best Tiny Home Communities in Virginia 

Virginia has a multitude of tiny home communities. The tiny house communities in Virginia provide more than just a prime location. You’ll find several like-minded individuals in the same neighborhoods.  Let’s take a look at the best! 

1. Autumn Sun Farm 

You can find this community outside Ashland. It takes around 30 minutes downtown. This community comes with numerous shared areas and garden spaces. There’s even a warehouse. You’ll find people of all age groups here. This place is ideal for people who enjoy art, music, and outdoor living. There are instances where the entire community hosts a barbeque party or plays sports. 

2. Surfside at Sandbridge

Surfside at Sandbridge is located in Virginia Beach. The community is a few steps away from the beach. There are several short-term or long-term rentals available. You can even enjoy many shared amenities. The affordable lifestyle and breathtaking views cause tiny home communities in Virginia to grow every day.

3. Piedmont Ecovillage

Piedmont Ecovillage can be found in the Richmond area. The neighborhood comes with a shared common house for several events. You can also share several utilities. The community also maximizes the green space available. You can find different styles of homes here too. This is a place that promotes green practices. Moreover, you get to see the stunning views Virginia has to offer. 

4. EcoVillage Charlottesville

This village was built to lower ecological footprints. This sustainable community aims to create affordable tiny homes which are easy to maintain. There are some quirks involved. However, it’s a life of simplicity. You need to let go of many things to enjoy this experience. Downsizing is a prerequisite. At EcoVillage, the people protect nature and encourage community spirit! 

5. Augusta Woods Community 

Augusta Woods is an upscale tiny homes community. The place comes with an abundance of amenities. You’ll find street lights, playgrounds, and even basketball courts! If you’re looking for a place to call home, this is it. Moreover, it can be found in a convenient location. You can spot shops, hospitals, and the city center nearby. On top of that, the tiny homes are eco-friendly. They require less power to run. Some also utilize wind or solar energy to run. 


The tiny home communities in Virginia will help you flourish into a better human being. Moreover, tiny homes come with a plethora of benefits. Virginia is known for its southern hospitality. It’s a place of adventure and experience. 

Moreover, Virginia has a pleasant climate. What’s not to like about this state? It’s affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly. Join their community today to get the most of all three! 

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