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Future Of Tiny Home Communities In Maine

By taufiqhaque

Downsized living is not just a choice of living, but it also provides a feasible solution for states engulfed with the housing crisis.  More tiny home communities in Maine with permanent housing have started to materialize recently. Read this article to know more.

Lower costs of building and living tiny houses, with the opportunity to be a part of a community, is an idea many wishes to embrace. 

Future Prospects: 

Maine has been in the heart of a major housing crisis, and the beginning of tiny home communities has soared in many parts of the state. There have been changes in regulations from the governor in Maines, and mobile tiny home communities can now exist as dwellings.

Moreover, the new rules that allow people to build tiny homes now have the same codes as any other single-family home, which means they can be built anywhere on the ground. 

Other than that, the rules for total area, ladder codes, and emergency escapes have also been upgraded to make it easier for more communities to be formed. 

Tiny Homes of Maine Community: 

In Houlton, the Tiny Homes of Maine is a diverse and amicable community, similar to the designs of the homes in the city. The founder has mentioned that the community has seen a rapid increase in sales of their homes since the pandemic. 

The region is also one of the tiniest home-friendly ones in Maine, where people love to have their customized homes set up around clusters. This forms a community of 4 to 5 homes in one area. 

You can find smaller, up to 2 tiny home communities in residential areas in Houlton as well. 

1. Tiny Home Communities In Maine: Twin Town Homes

Twin Town Homes in Oxford of Maines is a community built by experienced builders of the same name. Their homes are cozy and ranch-style, and the community itself is known to be welcome for single families and ones with children.

The sizes of the homes vary slightly, but most include a living and a kitchen as well. You would find no more than 2 bedrooms in each tiny home. However, a signature pantry and sometimes a walk-in closet in the tiny space of 100 to 400 square feet is known to be an attraction for residents. 

The community is warm and welcoming and encourages cordial relationships among the dwellers. With each home spaced adequately, residents do not feel compromised in privacy. 

2. Tiny Home Communities In Maine: Creative Cottages LLC

In Brunswick, among the many builders, Creative Cottages is a community that builds homes for people willing to live in such communities. The community is built with people living in cottages no more than 19-by-22–foot. 

The peace-loving people in this area choose soothing color palettes, bright furniture, and lots of windows for their homes to reflect their community’s tranquil and lively temperament.


While few look for affordable living, others love the aesthetics of colorful, tiny homes coordinated in clusters. Tiny home communities in Maine live by the motto of living big, even in these tiny homes.

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