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How To Build A Tiny Home Toilet In A THOW

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Toilets are one of the most essential in the case of traditional houses. You can never imagine a house that does not have a toilet in it. But while you are talking from the perspective of tiny houses, having a toilet is quite a luxury thing. Wondering how to build a tiny home toilet in a tiny house on wheels? We’re here with answers in our article.

There are so many reasons behind this including the endeavor to save money and make enough space in the tiny house. And yet tiny home toilet is extremely important if you want to be secure and want to avoid the hassle of leaving feces in nature. That is why a bathroom in a small house has been incorporated in many tiny house designs.

However, when you are dealing with a tiny house design that has the capability to move around, you have to explore almost all the possible options for plumbing as most of the houses aren’t connected to a source of water and sewer/septic. And this, in turn, costs you a lot of money.

Things to Keep In Mind While Building A Tiny Home Toilet

Tiny Home Toilet

While building a toilet in a tiny house on wheels, there are several things that you have to keep in your mind. They are as follows:

Selection and Cost Effectiveness

If you choose to hand made your composting toilets, then you might cover it under the cost of $50, whereas there are some different types that can cost up to $3500 as well. The selection of toilets has to be really wise so that your budget does not fail.

Taking Up Space

Your toilet might come with a large space as all of your waste is held in a self-contained tank. But the size should be considered with high priority. On the other hand, you can custom-build it that suits your tiny house on wheels.

Options for Draining

For tiny houses on wheels, you have to have someone be that yourself or other family members who is willing to empty the waste. This procedure can be either draining the waste outside or the waste can be taken to the compost pile as well. But above all the willingness to empty the waste is the main requirement.

However, if you do not have a volunteer to do this cleaning then you should go for a traditional person choosing a traditional flushing toilet and making proper plans for plumbing and sewer hookups should be considered as an equally good choice.


One of the biggest concerns that most of people do have is how bad the smell the toilet is producing. This entirely depends on the type of toilet they have chosen. Composting toilets usually do not smell bad if they are maintained properly.

Incinerating toilets come with their own kind of signature smell. So this actually depends on your selection and how much you have to deal with the bad smell of your tiny home toilet. Your quality of life can closely depend on your selection of bathrooms in a small house.

How to Reach Water into Tiny Home Toilet 

Tiny Home Toilet 

To use the washroom in your tiny house you have to have water connection in your house. There are different ways to reach water into the tiny home toilet. Let’s take a look at a few of those. 

Collecting Water to Avoid Plumbing 

One of the easiest options of having water in your tiny home toilet is not having any plumbing system in your house at all. This won’t mean that there won’t be any water in the house. Rather the system will be devoid of automation that’s all. All you have to do is carry the water that you want to use at your tiny house toilet if you select no plumbing option.

If you are comfortable with carrying water to everywhere you need in your tiny house, then you will be saved from a lot of hassle that you had to do for plumbing. In that case store some water near the sink, store buckets full with water in your tiny home toilets.

To carry the water you can use buckets, jugs, or bottles. For all these you have to part your tiny house on wheels somewhere that is close to a water supply, such as a neighbor’s kitchen, backyard or even on a campsite. You can also save some water use by taking shower at your workplace, gym or school if you have that option available.

However, If you have no option to park your tiny house anywhere near a water supply, you should probably bulk buy water and select a place to store it. You have to keep in mind that one thing is very seriously precious in tiny houses and that is saving up space. So the option of storing water should never be inside the tiny house.

Certainly, the first and foremost benefit of the option is avoiding the hassles of dealing with any of the procedures that come along with plumbing. Also if you can avoid plumbing for your tiny home toilet then your tiny house might even cost a lot less than most of the tiny houses. However, it is entirely up to the owners or the dwellers whether the benefits of plumbing are more important than collecting water.

Tank and Pump

The possible most practical option for reaching water to the toilets of the tiny house on wheels is to put a tank into the tiny house and use a pump for circulating and pressurizing the water. Though this option is quite difficult for tiny house on wheels if the dwellers want to move quite frequently, this is yet the most effective option as this provides the functionality of a traditional house and also the advantage to have a tiny house shower, while still allowing the freedom of living off-grid.

However this option comes with some downsides too, but they’re definitely easily tolerable as well. The pumps can make a disturbance with their noise while they’re in use and the tanks take quite a fair bit of space. Also, the decision-making regarding the tank size can also turn out to be an issue as well.

The bigger the tank is it can contain more water but the size can also be space-consuming for the tiny house on wheels. Although a big water tank in your tiny house can look very absurd but you can hide it under kitchen cabinets or beneath the stairs. 

Keeping everything aside, the biggest negative side to having a water tank is that it needs to be filled continuously. If you want to flush the tiny house toilet, a tank might just not be able to hold quite enough water. 

Toilet Options and How to Build Them in Tiny Houses on Wheels

Composting Toilet 

Composting toilets break down germs in the feces and convert it to compost. These toilets come in a variety of shapes and brands.

Calculating how much effort is required to maintain each type of composting toilet is challenging. You will be compelled to empty the toilet more frequently than you would like.

Chemical Toilets

For chemical toilets. However, these toilets are the environment friendly and creates a toxic atmosphere where you wouldn’t be able to breathe freely. Also if your tiny house on wheels does not have access to a septic tank you might have to make arrangement for the waste to be collected every other day which can prove to be really expensive.

Though Chemical Toilets are cheap and easy to maintain, they are very toxic for the environment that ruins one of the fundamental philosophies of tiny house living.

Incinerating Toilets 

This is one kind of toilet that incinerates toilet waste. This is new in the market and are getting popular as well. There are many benefits of using incinerating toilets. It helps to incinerate the waste to ash by allowing the toilet waste to smoothly get disposed with zero odor.

Though some people might think these toilet designs are wasteful, these are quite effective as the ‘ash’ is quite rich in potassium and phosphorous, which works as a very good fertilizer for garden lands. It’s quite cost-effective as there is no requirement for water or a septic tank.

These features also help the dwellers of tiny house on wheels who move a lot, or those looking to live in the great outdoors. The benefits of using Incinerating Toilets is you don’t need to deal with any fecal matter physically and you can use the ashes as plant fertilizer. But it comes with a great expense and low warranty. 

Guideline to Building your Tiny Home Toilet

Having a bathroom in a small house does not mean that you can’t go for certain luxuries.

You can give your tiny home bathroom great functionality and amazing look by following few steps while building a toilet in your tiny house on wheels.

Walk-in Shower

You can either buy or make your Walk-in shower which you can construct of a standard and simple glass door. You can use Walk-in shower as a solid base wall for showcasing a double vanity.

A nice and narrow panel of glass on the wall adjacent to the glass door helps to carry the light from any window nearby into the bathroom’s interior, when the door having a cutout allows the steam to go out. Having a walk-in shower can make your tiny house toilet extremely attractive. 

Multi-Functional Storage

One of the innovative ways to maximize the tiny space of your tiny home would be to utilize the corners of your tiny bathroom with light furniture. You can keep your essentials and also maximize the use of space.

Unique Bathroom Sinks

You can create a separate sink for the tiny home bathroom and there are several really attractive options. Despite of their being a bit low-profile they are very cheap to purchase and they do not take much space as they are shaped narrow.

Though people choose using the kitchen sink for all purpose but for the hygiene issues, you can set up a bathroom sink.

Shower and Bathtub

There are different opinions on whether using the tiny home bathroom for taking shower is a good option or not. Though it’s natural that you can’t fit in a standard sized shower in your bathroom in a small house, let alone a bath tub, there are tiny tubs for your tiny house bathrooms that can give you a full spa experience.

These tubs are helpful for children and elderly. The designs are available on internet which you can find browsing. Also if you are a DIYer or a construction expert, you can make one yourself. You can also go for foldable bath for the children. However, as these options aren’t cost effective, many minimalists tend to avoid these.


Mirrors can take the charm of your small-space to the next level. And this is especially applicable for the bathroom in a small house, which is often the smallest room in any living space.

To increase the attraction of your tiny house bathrooms you can dress the bathrooms with various shapes and sizes of mirrors. Adding a medicine cabinet can also be a very good option for creating additional space for storage in the bathroom.


Toilets seem to be the last option to give thought to in many cases of home construction. But for tiny houses on wheels, choosing the right kind of toilets can sometimes be a really important game changer. It is proven many a times that a well-functioning, well-furnished neat and clean toilet on tiny houses can fulfill the whole settings of the house.

So if you are looking forward to living in a tiny house or if you already are living in one and looking for suggestions and ideas, then considering the points focused here in this article can be really helpful for building a flexible and functioning toilet according to your requirements.

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