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How to Find The Suitable Land to Build a Tiny House

By taufiqhaque

We know how surprisingly hard is to find a land that is perfect for your micro house when most of the available land is too much for a tiny home. The biggest straw about buying a compact house is that it’s cheaper than the average house and you can also avail of personal or RV loans to buy your compact home.

We gathered all the necessary tips and suggestions that might come in if you are struggling with finding your perfect land. Consider these foolproof ideas we’ve gathered when you start your dream- house building hunt:

Are you going to park or buy?

Well if you are still having a hard time finding which suits you best, this is the right time to make up your mind. There is no right or wrong one between these two yet you got to find which suits you the best if you haven’t yet to find the best offer. Let’s see what both the options have to offer:

If you rent and park: You just need to look for if someone is trying to rent their garage, backyard, etc. As you have the flexibility to move around your house with your truck, nothing has to be permanent. If you feel like you didn’t cut yourself a good deal this month renting a place, you can easily move out next month. You can get electric service by plugging into the parking area, you’ll be able to dispose of black water on-site and greywater sewer lines on-site, and your garbage and recycling service will be taken care of as well.

 But there are some rules and regulations for parking a movable house somewhere so do your research and talk to the owner about it thoroughly because even though you can move out whenever you like, you may not be able to do it as your life might get involved with the current location so choose carefully. 

If you buy land: Buying and settling on your land is a permanent decision. It has its risks and benefits. You will get to modify your land freely and make the best use of the land you bought. The owners won’t have a problem with you regarding the property you are using as it’s yours now. And finally, you can build your small home as you wish.

Come up with a Tiny house plan and a budget

You are building a house but without a house plan? It can’t be happening. Planning is the most important thing before starting something. List how many rooms you need, how many things you got to fit in your room, filter out unnecessary things, check if your layout is fulfilling all your basic needs, estimate how much space your planned house needs, and finally move on to land searching procedure. It will be easier to explain to the owner if you have a layout of your goal, the searching process will be less time-consuming, and it’ll be easier to modify your base according to the space you find. Also buying or borrowing tools like measuring tape, waterproof notepad, and marking flags is a game-changer. You can simply visit a land that has been up for sale or rent and measure it with these tools to determine whether it is suitable for you or not. 

Also, money is a prime factor. Try to understand if you can make your ends meet with the house plan you came up with. Plan about how much money you can pay at once without endangering your lifestyle. 

Try social media, newspaper

In this age of the internet, almost anything is possible. If you own pc or mobile phone and have access to the internet, you possibly have social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Make a public post there that you need land for a tiny home. You can also join Facebook groups like “The land/ lots/ tiny house rent/sell group”.

You can also go OG and spend some money to put an advertisement about your preference on a newspaper. The elderly owners will definitely notice it and might call you up with a splendid opportunity. 

Ask around your surroundings

 Who knows your cousin that lives a bit away from the city decided to sell or rent his backyard space and you might be just missing out on the opportunity just because you didn’t feel the necessity to ask your family members and friends! There are a few benefits of looking for a deal inside your people.

You’ll get to interact, understand, and negotiate even better than with a random owner. It’s a matter of safety that you find it around your family and friends as they are easy to keep up with and have almost zero chance of getting deceived.

If the owner is someone you know there is more chance of getting to stretch the time limit to pay the rent as they will be more considerate towards you.

Is your land suitable for Tiny House construction?

“A percolation test (colloquially called a perc test) is a test to determine the water absorption rate of soil (that is, its capacity for percolation) in preparation for the building of a septic drain field (leach field) or infiltration basin.”(Wikipedia). You need to do this septic system perc test to determine if the soil is capable of holding your home. Generally land in urban areas costs the highest even though the small house were supposed to cost the lowest.

The reasons behind this are, you will need to run some tests to check the land whether it is suitable or not and you will also need to prep the land which is an expensive process.

You’ll need to run a Geotech survey to build the foundation, you need to collect all the construction permits and an engineer to help you design your foundation. There is also utility bill if there isn’t any utility system then you will need to spend a great amount of money only to build well and septic system. However, the cost can decrease to a great extent if you choose your land in a rural area.

Cost, measurements, and location

Just like buying any average land, you need to pay attention to location, price, and size even more as your budget is limited. Size is the main and compulsory feature here no doubt about that but price and locations may vary. Naturally, you’ll look for any small land but you’ll need to consider the rate according to the quality of the land as well. Look for a good neighborhood too.

Also, you need to consider things like whether your home is far away from markets if you don’t have a car. Water, electricity, garbage management, sewerage system, social facilities, and securities are mandatory things you seek while checking out offers.

As mentioned earlier there are land preparation costs, building costs, and utility costs if you choose an urban area as things are strict and costly there. Suburban areas are a lot cheaper than urban areas and also easier to find land there. Not to mention rural areas are the cheapest when it comes to finding land for a tiny home.

The pro-tip is to note down what you are willing to include in your property. Jot down your priorities. If possible make a simple sketch to get a clear idea about what you should be looking for while going through thousands of offers. 

You can use websites like Zillow, LandWatch, Land And Farm, Park My BnB, and Try It Tiny to discover multiple potential options to find the best land for your dream home. You can also filter out the suggestion based on your location, size of the land and so much more so don’t forget to try this out. 

Land use laws

Zoning laws are somewhat invisible to a lot of new land buyers. Yes, your house needs to meet all the requirements demanded by the zoning and building codes if you are planning to stay on the water supply of the city otherwise your building won’t be approved by the building inspector when they come and visit your home.

These rules will step in the way of your choosing the type of construction you want to build, which location, and what kind of land you use for it. It may seem like an intervention yet it hasn’t been set without any reasons; it’s for the safety of the people who will dwell on the property to avoid possible disasters.

But for people who are struggling just to have a shelter which can be much more important than any other long-time construction disaster, this zoning rule can be a big drag. As the budget is limited and it law might force owners to build a different model than they wanted to build.

They might even need to increase the size of their house just to meet the laws which can be a nightmare for people with a limited budget. You need to also keep in mind things like tax, if this land 

However, there is a piece of good news that rural areas are flexible about maintaining building codes. Also, there is another way to buy land at a low price where the government holds an auction. Some cities might offer free lots for interested parties but even building on those properties, you need to abide by zoning rules so make sure to go through all the rules and regulations.

You can buy lands that are rejected by people due to various reasons to get it at a cheap rate but buy these at your own risk. You can check out more here

Owner’s law

Just like those shady horror movies, you don’t want to piss off the land owner’s mood and suffer from horrible consequences! just kidding but as a normal human being, it’s a basic rule before renting or buying a property.

Whether you will be renting or buying, the owner might have some personal rules for his property to some extent and you need to talk it out in detail so that you are saved from any upcoming troubles.

Places incompatible for an average house

Your best shot is to search all the compact places that were rejected due unavailability of a large space. Lots with triangular or narrow rectangular can be a good choice. To do this quickly look for roads that are unavailable on the city grid.

There is a possibility that you will get the lot within an affordable range. But doesn’t necessarily mean that the land you found will be up for sale. However, you can contact the owner and ask if he is willing to sell it or not who knows it might be your lucky day! Still, you need to look for other utilities and restrictions as well.

Look for Tiny House built on small lands

You can simply go out and visit small homes that are built on small lands and talk with the owner if they are trying to sell because lots of small landowners are moving into their new houses.

Finding yourself one house like that can just hit the spot as there will be no cost for the land test, building foundation, an engineer, Geotech test, and so on. You can even ask them if they will like to leave some of the items of furniture behind as well. You can ask for their tips and tricks to deal with your new house as they possess experience about that house.

Try using agents

I know you are trying to be your real estate agent but have you ever considered hiring one? They can be really handy when it comes to finding the right home according to your preference especially when you are going for a small home.

Also hiring a professional agent enables a helping window at every step of your building process. So it’s a must to invest some of your money here if you are capable.


Not everyone is capable or comfortable with building a gigantic, lavish house for themselves and it’s totally fine. Regardless of the size and budget, a perfect house is made from the perfect plan. Finding a small house land is tough but not impossible if done properly.

Filtering out all the unimportant features and focusing on the major details is the key. Zoning law maintenance is a challenge when it comes to building houses on small house land. However, this can be overcome by looking at some facts that give break from these rules.

Small house lands are becoming popular among people with tight budgets and owners are also being interested in selling, and renting their unused space to people online which is creating limitless opportunities for those who are in need.

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