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How to Ship a Tiny House?

By taufiqhaque

It is 2021, and we are getting used to all the new ideas the world offers. After all, we live in a time struggling to meet the new challenges of improved lifestyle and the existing concern about the environment and sustainability. One of the new trends related to both concepts is the ‘tiny house’ one. We love how cozy they look and how effortless the maintenance is compared to large houses. Check out this article to know more about how to ship a tiny house.

Not only that, tiny houses can save us from paying bank loans for the next 10 years of our lives. For the generation of sustainability, nothing fits better than a minimalist approach in life. And tiny houses have everything in support of that. 

No wonder everyone is dreaming of owning a tiny house these days. Whether you own a tiny house that needs to be shipped somewhere else, or you are planning to travel the world with your little home, or you are willing to order a tiny house from overseas – if you are looking for ways to ship your tiny house, keep reading!

Can You Ship a Tiny House?

Indeed! This is one of the many things that we like about tiny houses – they are mobile with our mood. This is why tiny houses are usually built on a trailer to make transportation easier. However, shipping a house is not a cakewalk, as you might already know.

A lot of study and effort must be put into shipping a house, no matter how tiny it is. Domestic delivery, international shipping, or overseas shipping – each has its own sets of rules and challenges.

A Tiny House measuring 200 to 400 square feet in size can weigh between 10,000 and 25,000 pounds. Suppose a tiny house measures only 275 square feet. The weight can start from 10,000 pounds onwards. Like the C6 Series by LivingHomes, tiny houses larger in size can begin with over 900 square feet in dimension. These numbers determine how easy or hard it will be to ship your tiny house.

Domestic Delivery or International Shipping

In this section, we are talking about shipping procedures based on the route connected by land. Domestic delivery includes state-to-state delivery. While international shipping includes the borders of two countries. Built-in wheels and trailers attached to tiny houses require only a certified Heavy Haulers driver to attach the proper rig.

The route must be planned to ship the house as there are the requirements of multiple route permits. Many route permits are not favorable to carriers whose height is more than 8.5 feet as the shipment might take routes with bridges. Manufacturers are considerate of the situation.

The heights of tiny houses are maintained below that, where the internal ceiling height is 7 feet at maximum.  

Transporting a tiny house weighing only 10,000 pounds is certainly different from transporting a home that weighs 20,000 pounds or more. For example, to transport a tiny, tiny house, an oversize bumper pull is all that is necessary. You can do that by yourself. Or you can call a hauling service to deliver your tiny house to your site.

Doing it by yourself will require you to rent a vehicle. But it is not an easy thing. Usually, it is already quite challenging to find a rental vehicle with a 7000 pounds towing capacity. Instead, It is easier to let the professional hauling company take care of the job yourself. You can purchase a service to ship your tiny house for around $180.

Of course, the cost varies based on the dimension of the product and the weight. For instance, to ship a tiny house worth more than 12000 pounds, you need to hire a six-wheeled trailer. Besides, you need to rely on the driver’s expertise who will be shipping your house across long distances.

Overseas Shipping

Overseas shipping means that the package has to cross the sea for delivery. There are very few companies that manufacture quality tiny houses. You may have dreamt of living in your tiny house all your life.

But you might not be able to do so if there is no company thinking of this far to realize your dream. The option here is to order one from another country. It will require shipment of your house on a flatbed trailer. A crane or a boom is also required to place the house on the trailer.

A multi-axle trailer is necessary to balance the weight of your tiny house. You can find hauling companies on the internet who are willing to ship your tiny house to your country. It is better to consult the matter with the company from where you are purchasing your tiny house.

They can help you with all the necessary dimensions and weight information, and a checklist before shipping the house. 

You need to remember that since tiny houses are oversized, they are usually considered heavy loads. Therefore, you need professional logistics specialists who can assist you in learning about what type of markers are required for your tiny house shipment.

Every regulation regarding each part of the route must be maintained. A traveling convoy may also be required.

If you are a travel enthusiast thinking of traveling with your house, you can contact a hauling company or take care of the routing procedure yourself. Building your tiny home in a shipping container can reduce your headache to a great extent. Ship containers are already made with the required measurement apt for shipping overseas.

Hence, you will not have to trouble crossing the sea on a boat. You can also ask for roll-on/off shipping. It makes the shipping task easier, as your tiny house will be driven directly on the boat.

Things to Watch Out Before Shipping

There is no harm in maintaining a checklist before shipping your tiny house. Just take a note of a few things:

  • Take out the valuables that are prone to damage. Shipping procedure is never smooth. Hence it is better to be safe than sorry!
  • Strap down large appliances so that they do not move around your house
  • Secure the sewage lines, water pipes, and electric hookups before moving
  • Close the cabinet doors tightly. Try to expose lesser numbers of movable items which can be damaged
  • Select the right kind of vehicle for shipping
  • For shipping purposes, you must get a license plate for the house
  • Know the detailed measurement of your vehicle and plan the route. This one is applicable for DIY home transportation


Nothing makes us feel better than carrying our home everywhere we go. Tiny houses are means that can fulfill this desire to a great extent. This new concept is creating lots of buzz for all valid reasons as you can ship a tiny home.

Home is where the heart is. For nomad souls living in tiny houses, nothing feels more like heaven when you can carry your haven everywhere you go. Bon Voyage!

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