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Living In Tiny Homes Vs. Apartments: Which Is Better?

By taufiqhaque

If you are looking for living options, the two most optimal choices that will come to you are tiny homes and apartments. But which one should you go for? Both of these living options have their pros and cons, and in this article, we will go through all of them so that you can find the winner between tiny homes vs. apartments and decide which one is the best for you.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes or tiny houses on wheels are small mobile houses that offer minimalistic living options to their residents. Generally, a tiny home is mobile and is often attached with trailers. But there are also permanently placed ones. The average area of a tiny home is around 200 square feet to 400 square feet. The area can be lower depending on the owner’s preference.

Advantages of Living in Tiny Homes 

Here are the advantages that you will enjoy if you start living in tiny homes:

Tiny Homes are Cheap 

If you compare the price of buying a tiny home to any popular living options, you will find that tiny homes are extremely cheap. You can get your tiny personal home for forty thousand to fifty thousand USD while you need to cross the two hundred thousand mark just to get a medium-range apartment. So, if budget is your concern, then there is no better option than tiny homes.

Low Cost of Living

One of the biggest advantages of living in tiny homes is the living costs. Compared to other popular options, living in tiny homes doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on maintenance. This is because you don’t have a bigger area where you will have to clean or provide electricity.

Freedom of Mobility

Another great aspect of living in tiny homes is that you can take your home wherever you like as almost every tiny home is transportable. Just attach it with your car or trailer, and you are good to go. This allows you to witness different views every night if you want to. The option of portability also gives freedom regarding your living place. If you don’t like the neighborhood, then you can just switch places.

This works exceptionally well for those who want to travel but want to enjoy the comfort of home simultaneously. In this case, there is no better option than tiny home living.

Low Rent

If you plan on renting tiny homes, you will get a much better offer than other living options like in an apartment or in a hotel room. 

High-Level Privacy

It is better than any other living option when it comes to privacy. Because you can literally have your home anywhere you go. Also, people who have experienced tiny home living supported the fact that living in small houses gives the feel of privacy more than living in an apartment or in a hotel room.

No Hidden Cost

A great feature of living in tiny homes is the fact that you pay for what you get. There is no hidden cost included in a tiny home, unlike the hidden living costs like garbage removal, renters’ insurance, security bills, and others that you face when living in an apartment. 

The Tiny House Community

A huge part of the tiny house living is the tiny home community. The tiny home community is huge and is just a big family. You can fit right in and find people who share the same interest as you. The community is extremely helpful and can help you through the troublesome process like getting good insurance for your small house and such.

Every Day is A New Adventure

Living in tiny homes can be adventurous as you can go to a new destination every day. If you love camping and want to enjoy your isolation with nature on a regular basis, then very few living options can provide the effectiveness and comfort that comes with living in tiny homes.


Apartments are the most common and the most popular living option to many. And while living in tiny homes has its perks, there are some things that apartments bring to the plate that other living options can’t offer.

Advantages of Living in Apartments

Here are the benefits that you will enjoy if you start living in apartments:

Big Storage Space

The first thing one will witness when they start living in apartments is the storage. Compared to tiny homes, apartments are huge and offer a large amount of space for you to live. You can store a lot of items in your apartment but can still find the place empty at times.

Easier To Get Insurance

You can easily apply for insurance if you plan to live in apartments. Insurance companies want to apply value before giving insurances, and apartments can provide that with ease. You can’t find this availability in tiny homes.

Easy to Rent Out

Renting out apartments is easier than other living options like hotel rooms or tiny houses. The latter two options target a specific number of people while all types are out there to rent apartments.

Tiny Homes Vs. Apartment

So, who is better between tiny homes and apartments? Well, this depends on what you are looking for. If you want a budget-friendly, low-cost living option and are a fan of minimalistic living, then tiny homes are the best option for you.

But on the other hand, if you want a large living place, with good security and security of better insurance, then apartments are the way to go!

Final Thoughts

If you have come this far from the article, then you already know the advantages of living in tiny homes and apartments. So, it draws down to whether you want a minimalistic lifestyle at home or not. If so, then pick tiny homes, but if not, then apartments are the best option there is. So, choose wisely and best of luck.

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