Are Tiny Homes Legal in Indiana?

Tiny houses are new places of affection for many. But is it legal in Indiana yet? Check out this article to know more.
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Michael Zatorski
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Are Tiny Homes Legal in Indiana?

  • Indiana Zoning Regulations
    Zoning regulations for tiny homes in Indiana vary depending on the area

  • Tiny Houses on Wheels in Indiana
    At least 1 separate bathroom with a measurement of 6.4 feet
    6.8 inches for ceiling height in common space
    Windows are subjective to the choice of home owner. However, proper exit points must be included.

  • Illegal Permanent Residency in THOW
    You can’t apply to be a permanent resident in Indiana while living in a THOW

  • Safety Measures
    Adhere to the safety standards 11

  • Importance of Maintaining Indiana Zoning Laws
    The state authority may even take your house away if it doesn’t meet the zoning laws

  • Are the Tiny Homes from UBuild Legal?
    Yes, in most cities and counties of Indiana. It also depends on the local authority’s acceptance.

  • Benefits of a Tiny Home
    Environment-friendly, requires less space, cost-effective

Only a number of states in America have accepted the concept of tiny house till date. Luckily, Indiana is one of them. A state with rich history and diversity, Indiana welcomes tiny houses. The ‘Log Cabin Rule’ is designed to allow the dwellers to build tiny houses on their property. However, when we are talking about tiny houses on wheels (or THOWs), it is not protected under this rule.
Indiana is certainly one of the few states that welcome this revolutionary concept of tiny houses. But there are always something more to learn about zoning regulations and legal issues. So today, we are presenting everything that you are looking for regarding tiny houses in the Indiana state.

Indiana Zoning Regulations
Every state in America abides by the zoning regulations formulated by respective authorities. Some states follow the state-wide zoning regulations, while some states allow cities, villages, and counties to follow their own regulations. Indiana follows the second method. So, zoning regulations vary in terms of cities and counties.
Zoning regulations are formulated to provide maximum utilization of the land. It distributes lands into districts or zones. Zones are dedicated to particular usage. For example, commercial areas must be separated from the residential zones.
To know more about the zoning regulations in your area, we recommend you to contact with local authority.

Tiny Houses on Wheels in Indiana
As important as it is to know about zoning regulations in a particular area, building codes are equally significant. Precisely, building codes are regulations that suggest the structure of buildings in an area. The state of Indiana has more flexibility in terms of building code. Having specific building codes to counties is permitted under state regulations in Indiana.
Tiny houses on wheels are part of a social movement. But many people like to own them as recreational vehicles or as an extra accommodation. The state of Indiana respects the idea of traditional houses of residents.
The law is flexible for people having extra accommodations in guise of tiny houses. One such law is the ‘Log Cabin Rule’ as we had mentioned at the beginning. This law allows people to build small houses for personal occupancy. But it excludes THOWs. 
There are no hard and fast rules that tell you the measurement for your tiny house. But there are some requirements by U.S primary regulation regarding tiny houses. Such as:

  • At least 1 separate bathroom with a measurement of 6.4 feet

  • 6.8 inches for ceiling height in common space

  • Windows are subjective to the choice of home owner. However, proper exit points must be included.

  • Uses of stairs or ladders in order to reach the upstairs of the house

These rules are mandatory to meet. And they are quite essential to have a habitable house. But to make your tiny house even better, we want you to know a few more facts. Such as:

  • Make sure ventilation and light are adequate inside the house

  • A full functioning bathroom is a must

  • Bathroom must accommodate water closet, sink, and shower

  • Have a free working space of about 30 inches at the kitchen area.

  • Kitchen must accommodate a refrigerator, cooking station, and a functional sink 

  • Make sure heating system is adequate

  • Pressure tank should be included

Illegal Permanent Residency in THOW
The Indiana Building Code section IC 36-7-8-3 (d) states, "Private homes that are built by individuals and used for their own occupancy" are subjected to specific counties. This is called the ‘Log Cabin Rule’. But, THOWs are not included in in it. THOWs fall under the category of recreational vehicle (2015). So, you cannot reside permanently inside one of those.
But the good news for tiny house lovers in Indiana is, more and more neighborhoods throughout the state are accepting this concept. Places like Carmel, Indianapolis, Evansville, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Bloomington and others are welcoming the construction of tiny houses in their neighborhoods. 

Safety Measures
Are you planning to buy a tiny house from a reliable source (Like UBuild)? Or you are going to DIY your own tiny house?
If you are planning to buy a tiny house from marketplace, we recommend you to check that the American National Safety Institute standard 11 meets the house you are buying. In case if you are constructing it yourself, Recreational Vehicle Industry Association must be certified regarding the construction. 
For being safe from legal complicacies, we recommend you to consult with local authorities before placing your tiny house on your property. 
Importance of Maintaining Indiana Zoning Laws
Zoning laws are significant for local government because it helps them in having proper record of the geographical area. Certainly, you cannot just build an additional structure and place it on your backyard. Even though you own the property, you must abide by the zoning regulations. Otherwise, no matter how tiny your tiny house is, the amount of penalty might become huge.

Are the Tiny Homes from UBuild Legal?
On the construction side, YES!
We believe in construction with a cause. So, we deal out the best quality tiny homes to our clients. Every house is constructed prioritizing safety of the dwellers. All the houses brought to the public are bound to fulfill the requirements. You will never have to doubt the quality of tiny homes brought to you by UBuild. As for proper stationing, we believe in you. 

Benefits of a Tiny Home
Houses are places where dreams reside. The shrunken size of house can be beneficial for people who are dealing with the quality-of-life factors, as well as for the environment. Tiny houses promote minimalistic life style. It is about accommodating all your needs without encroaching huge amounts of resources, something which is necessary to have a sustainable future.

Final Thoughts
We must assure you that the state of Indiana is one of the best places in the US to own a tiny house. Laws are considerate towards this concept as more and more neighborhoods are joining the movement. You just have to see about the placing requirements. And for the safety and comfort, we at UBuild can take care of that.

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