The Revolutionary "Area Advisor" App for Tiny Home Enthusiasts

Discover How U-BUILD's Cutting-Edge App Simplifies Zoning Research for Tiny Homes!
April 17, 2023 by
The Revolutionary "Area Advisor" App for Tiny Home Enthusiasts
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Calling all tiny home enthusiasts! Say hello to the future of zoning research with the revolutionary "Area Advisor" app developed by the innovative team at U-BUILD. As an expert in the tiny home industry, I'm thrilled to share the ins and outs of this groundbreaking app that will save you countless hours navigating the complex world of zoning for your dream tiny home. With just a click of a button, the "Area Advisor" scours the city and state you've selected, delivering accurate and up-to-date zoning codes for your project.

Let's dive into the three incredible features of the "Area Advisor" that will take the hassle out of planning your tiny home.

"Check Zoning & Codes" button: This powerful feature sifts through a plethora of zoning laws and regulations for Tiny Homes on Wheels, Park Model RVs, and Modular Homes. Say goodbye to the days of endless searching through city ordinances – the "Area Advisor" delivers the most accurate information at your fingertips.

The "Contact Zoning Department" button: Sometimes, zoning information can be tricky to find. Fear not, the "Area Advisor" has your back! With this feature, you'll receive zoning department contact details, office hours, and email addresses. It even generates a handy email template to help you ask the right questions and get the information you need from local zoning officials. Remember to double-check the information with a quick Google search, just to be sure.

The "Find RV & Mobile Home Parks" button: Not ready to buy land? No problem! This fantastic feature locates RV and mobile home parks within your selected city, providing monthly rent, office hours, and park names. Budgeting and planning your tiny home journey has never been easier!

The "Area Advisor" app is in its infancy, but its potential for growth and improvement is exponential. U-BUILD Tiny Homes recognized the need for a more efficient way to get zoning answers from cities, so they harnessed the power of AI to create their own solution! This monumental accomplishment reflects U-BUILD's unwavering commitment to its clients and the tiny home community.

Don't miss out on the excitement of this game-changing app! Experience the future of tiny home zoning research with the "Area Advisor" and join the ranks of satisfied U-BUILD clients who have seen their tiny home dreams become a reality. Happy zoning!

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