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Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House

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Building your own tiny house is not only adventurous, but it also gives you a chance to live with nature. Nowadays, having a tiny house is very common. Living in a tiny house gives you financial flexibility. It is also a fun recreational activity that gives you mental relaxation. hen, our article can assist you in getting a fresh idea regarding replacing water pipes in a tiny house.

 When building a tiny house, the plumbing system is considered the biggest part. Plumbing for a tiny house is easy and sustainable if the system infrastructure is accurately designed. But nothing in the world is indestructible. Due to old age or lack of maintenance, your plumbing system may need replacement.

Replacing water pipes in a tiny house is the main part of your home maintenance. It protects your property undamaged and ensures a smooth lifestyle. So, if you have already started facing problems with your plumbing system or looking for pipes replacement for your tiny house, then our brief discussion will surely help you handle this situation. 

Why replacing water pipes is necessary?

Replacing water pipes in a tiny house is essential to maintain the integrity of any property. Although most of the water line pipes are designed to last for decades, at some point, they started losing sustainability due to regular use or insufficient maintenance. For this reason, you should service the plumbing system of your tiny house frequently so that if any problem arises, you can find it out immediately. If left unchecked, a water leakage of your system can destroy other properties of your house or cause serious health hazards. As a plumbing system holds the strength of your home, regular maintenance and replacement of water pipes are compulsory when needed.

Reason To Replace Pipes

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House

Waterline problems are very cost-effective and distressful. It can cause some serious suffering to your family members. It is very important to diagnose the reason before replacing water pipes in a tiny house so that you can take the immediately necessary steps.    

  1. Due to improper installation, your plumbing system may need replacement. So, you should do accurate planning for your piping infrastructure.
  2. Any natural disruption like natural calamities, foundation or ground movement, soil composition can harm your pipe fittings. It can cause serious leakage or burst pipe.
  3. Pipe corrosion due to long-term use is one of the common reasons for replacing water pipes in a tiny house.
  4. Freezing weather temperature can also be a reason to pipe replacement. If your pipe material doesn’t have any freezing temperature tolerance feature, it can get damaged during cold weather.
  5. Plant roots can also damage your pipes. If it remains unchecked, pipes can get cracked, needing a replacement.

Signs For Replacement

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House

Some major indicators will tell you that your plumbing system needs a replacement. Before it reaches the breaking point, you should take it into your consideration.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Crack In Pipes

It is very easy to detect if you have a crack in your plumbing pipe. You can observe water coming out from the cracking point when it passes through the pipeline. Even if the cracking point is hidden, you can also realize it by measuring the decreasing water pressure of your house. If you ignore the sign of cracking, it can cause serious damage in the long run.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Pipe Leaks

Detecting pipe leakage is not a big issue. At first, a little water may come out from your pipes, but if it remains unchecked, it can cause a big crack in your piping system. However, a loose connection in your water system can also cause leakage. Again, you can also realize it by measuring the decreasing water pressure of your house. It can damage your house wall slowly. So it is better to repair or replace the pipe when it gets noticed.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Rust In Pipes

You expect crystal clear water from your water source for daily use. But you might get brown or yellow color water if there is rust in your pipe. You can also find some rusty smell from it. However, a rusty smell can also come if your local water supply has issues. But it must be a temporary problem. If you find it for a long time, there is a chance to have rust inside your pipeline. Drinking rusty water can cause health issues as it is unhygienic. So, after detecting rusty pipes, try to replace them as soon as possible.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Low Water Pressure

If a pipe leakage or any crack occurs in your water system, you will find decreased water pressure in your house. So low water pressure is a sign of replacing water pipes in a tiny house.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Signs Of Corrosion

Corrosion can be the most obvious cause for replacing water pipes in a tiny house. Once you detect it is a matter of time before it will spread and destroy your pipeline.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Senility

Most of the water pipes are designed to last for decades. But nothing in this world lasts forever. Your pipelines can lose their durability at some point. Generally, if you can regularly maintain your pipeline system, it can last for 40-50 years. After that, you will need a replacement for your pipeline.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Increasing Water Bill

Due to old age or lack of maintenance, water leakage can occur from your pipeline. This will affect a sudden increase in the water bill. So, if you find an unexplained reason to increase the water bill, it is a sign for replacing the water pipes in a tiny house. Before it costs you a long time, you need to be concerned about this.

Replacing Water Pipes In A Tiny House: Cost To Replace All Plumbing In Tiny House

The building or replacing a water piping system in your tiny house is not much expensive. If you have previous experience doing plumbing, you can do it easily. In that case, you need not hire a plumber because replacing water pipes in a tiny house is not complex at all. But if you are a new builder and don’t have any experience of handling pipework, then it would be an unwise decision to do plumbing by yourself.

You might face some bigger problems in the future for your inexperienced work. Improper setup of your water system line can cause damage to your whole house and cost you more. So, in that case, you should hire a professional plumber. On average, a professional plumber can replace all plumbing in a tiny house from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the workload. You can get your work done by a professional, which will also save you from costly repair in the future.

In addition, the re-piping cost and other fittings cost of a tiny house depends on the house size and many other factors. Let’s discuss the main factors that affect the cost of re-piping. 

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Re-Piping 

Size Of The House:

The cost to replace all plumbing in a tiny house depends on the size of the house and the plumbing infrastructure, how complex or simple it is. So, if the house is smaller and the plumbing system is simpler, it will cost less to re-pipe. Again, it will be more costly if the house is big and has a complex water piping system. 

Items That Need To Repair:

You might need to repair the whole water line piping of your tiny house, or you might repair only the drain line or floor or lead pipes. So, if you want to repair the drainage line, on average, it may cost $700 depending on pipe material. Your tiny house’s average cost of floor pipe replacement is around $7 to $30 per square foot. Again, you may need not repair the whole house pipelines but only the lead pipes. In that case, you may cost around $2500 depending on pipe material.

Pipe Material

The main factor on which the cost of re-piping depends is the pipe material. It plays a larger part in installing the plumbing system. Considering pipe material is essential as the water system durability and installation flexibility depend on it. In general, there are three types of pipes found in the market. Price varies with the type of pipe material. Here we have briefly discussed the piping variety, cost, and features.

Copper Piping

Copper piping is the most popular pipe used in your water plumbing system. It is well known for its durability. Compared to all other pipes on the market, copper pipes are the most sustainable. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor fittings and is easy to maintain. But it is expensive compared to other pipes when it comes to cost. It approximately costs $2 to $8 per linear foot. Another disadvantage of copper pipe is it cannot handle the freezing temperature, and it is prone to burst in cool weather. 

CPVC Piping

CPVC pipes are the modern discovery in the plumbing system. CPVC pipes are very work-friendly. Cutting CPVC pipes with a pipe cutter is like cutting butter with a knife. Suppose, if you plumbed your system wrong, you could easily replace it with CPVC pipes. Because they are super cheap compared to other pipes available in the market. It usually costs $0.50-$1 per linear foot. CPVC pipes are easy to install and highly corrosion resistant. They come in different shapes and colors, making it easier to detect joints after dry fitting. But everything in the world has its dark side. Despite having so many useful features, CPVC pipes have some disadvantages too. CPVC pipes are prone to burst in hot outdoor temperatures, which is not ideal for outdoor use. Moreover, we can suggest that CPVC pipes are great for indoor use if you have a tight budget.  

Pex Piping

Pex is known as Cross-Linked Polyethylene water lines. It is the latest innovation of plumbing systems. It is used very widely due to its flexibility and durable features. It is comparatively inexpensive too. It costs $0.50-$2.50 per linear foot. It can handle freezing temperatures. Pex enables quick connect fittings and ensures water-tight connections though out the system. So, you can say pex pipes are very easy to install. The pex can be in different shapes, colors and lengths. It has created an outstanding output in the new plumbing system. It has some disadvantages too like it is not suitable for outdoor use. Because UV light damages pex pipes.

Labor Cost

If you hire a professional plumber, the cost of replumbing depends on the plumber’s hourly rate. On average, a professional plumber can replace all plumbing in a tiny house from $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the workload and your location.

Final words

The plumbing infrastructure of every tiny house is so unique. Regular maintenance of the plumbing system for your house is very necessary. But maintenance could be stressful if you don’t do it regularly. Regular checking improves systems sustainability. If you have any plumbing problem in your water system, you should take immediate steps to repair it. Do not just waste your time by suspecting. There are plenty of piping varieties in the market. You can choose the best plumbing replacement considering your budget. Moreover, we hope that the information we give in this article may help you solve your water plumbing system problems. 

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