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Scope of Tiny Home Communities In Louisiana

By taufiqhaque

In any community, homes are compact and no more than 500 square feet. You may want to note that there are several advantages to living in a tiny home community as there are a few drawbacks. Read this article to know about the tiny home communities in Louisiana.

Here is an overview of tiny home communities in Louisiana, what living in such a community means, and whether such communities have a future in Louisiana. 

What’s it like?

Tiny Home Communities in Louisiana

With the code inspectors not as supporting in Louisiana, you would find tiny home communities in spots that are just about a few minutes away from the city and have a country-like feeling. 

The communities usually consist of 10 to 15 tiny homes built around clusters. Each cluster comprises no more than 3 houses. The rent is no more than $500 in most tiny homes in Louisiana. 

In each community, a committee is formed where members have a say about the smallest issues. Any decision-making is thought out and aims to better the community in every way. There are implemented conflict resolving policies as well. 


The holistic approach of tiny home communities In Louisiana includes cordial living, with interest and involvement in many small events and regular outdoor mingling. Many tiny home communities also practice sustainable living. 

Staying true to spreading green mobile homes, these communities particularly look for gardener residents in many places, including people who would look after animals and greens. 

The residents in these communities further aim to have small families, restricting how many children can live in the community. 

Future plans: 

With discouraging codes followed by all tiny home communities in Louisiana, living in these communities does not come without problems. 

For one, builders are not keen on taking projects, and hence many communities in Louisiana are a result of an individual’s initiative and will to live in tiny home communities. 

The tiny home communities here also plan to attempt to push the 2015 IRC rules into effect, encouraging more such communities in the city. 

Although the regulations and codes may vary from one town or city to another, all parishes in Louisiana follow the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC). One tiny home must be at least 120 square feet, even if it is a single room. 

With the requirement of building several windows and stairs instead of ladders, builders are discouraged from investing in tiny homes in this area. Other than that, the new rules have codes on how lofts can be built, ladder inclusion, and emergency exit settings. 

It is worth noting that the regulations are mostly applicable for communities that are built on solid foundations. 


Minimal living has long been in the books and vision of many. With the pandemic causing major changes in the social, as well as economic lifestyle of people around the world, more and more residents, are moving towards the realities of living in tiny home communities. Tiny home communities in Louisiana are no different.

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