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Serene Tiny Home Communities In Vermont

By taufiqhaque

Tiny home communities are striving. You buy a small home and set yourself up on your or someone else’s land. So why is this lifestyle being embraced by so many people? Well, you essentially get to live the rest of your life without a mortgage. 

Is there a catch? There are many. You’re essentially letting go of all comfortable amenities. Some can quickly embrace this lifestyle while others struggle tremendously. Let’s look at the possibilities of building tiny home communities in Vermont. 

The Best Tiny Home Communities in Vermont 

Even tiny homes can showcase your taste and style. You need to be patient with the process. Figure out what your housing needs are and start adding various amenities. The tiny home communities in Vermont might be the perfect fit for you!

1. Acony Bell Tiny Home Community 

If you seek a simple life, this community is perfect for you. You can bring your tiny house on wheels too. There are several places to park your home. The varying design makes this a queer but united community. If you’re wary of this change, you can even rent one of their vacation homes. You get to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain and streams! 

2. Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village

This tiny home village is one of its kind. It’s built within the city limits for houses on wheels. However, the biggest concern you could have is choosing the style of your home. You will be forced to forget the luxuries of a traditional home. So, how can you make things better? Well, this community comes with a multitude of amenities. You won’t feel the need for anything more! 

3. Vermont River House

The Vermont River House is a place of wonder. You get to witness the beautiful Winooski Falls. The central location is a plus too! Everything is just a walk away. The community encourages unique, artsy lofts. They also encourage strong bonds between neighbors thanks to the shared outdoor spaces. 

Where Can You Build Tiny Home Communities in Vermont

You can build a multitude of tiny home communities in Vermont. These are some of the potential locations: 

  • Burlington
  • Montpelier
  • Rutland City
  • Brattleboro
  • Middlebury
  • Bennington

The Challenges of Living in Tiny Home Communities in Vermont

You now know the places you can place your tiny home in Vermont. Just because the house is small doesn’t mean you can’t make it beautiful. You can still make it stylish and fill it with the latest amenities. Utopian Villas is a popular name in Vermont. They can easily upgrade your home into a haven. However, the problem is, it’s still a new thing in Vermont. People 


At Vermont, you can construct your tiny house with the best materials in the market. All the houses here are designed with minimalism in mind. It’s not a short-term investment. It’s a long-term one. So, make sure your small home represents you. Then, you can take a look at their models to see how “less is more.”

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