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States that Allow Tiny Homes

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Are you thinking of shifting to a tiny house? Tiny houses are unique and cozy places to live. You can either buy a ready-made tiny home or make one as you choose. Tiny houses are cost-effective options compared to traditional homes. Along with this, there are many other advantages of living in these homes. Read this article to know about the states that allow tiny homes.

Yet, are you concerned about which states allow tiny houses? Do not worry anymore! There are plenty of states in the U.S. that permit living in tiny houses. Read this article to get important information about this aspect! 

States that Allow Tiny Homes

Many states in the U.S. allow living in tiny homes. Some examples include New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, Pennsylvania, and many more. Yet, most of these states do have some zoning codes and regulations. Thus, you need to follow these not to violate the law.

States that Allow Tiny Homes: Tiny Houses in New York

Tiny houses are legal in New York. These houses are mostly permitted as additional dwelling units in the backyards. You can even build your own tiny home on your respective property. You might wonder whether you need a permit for constructing your tiny homes. Yet, houses below 144 square feet do not need a permit. The approximate cost for tiny homes in Ney York would be around $45,000. 

Moreover, there is an essential rule for tiny houses in New York. The homes should not be less than 5 feet wide or long. Also, the houses should have stairs, emergency exits, and handrails.

Several cities, villages, and towns in New York have specific zoning codes. So, check those before you start your plan. 

States that Allow Tiny Homes: Tiny Homes in Florida

Florida is great for tiny home lovers. This state is a tiny-home-friendly state. Most of the counties and the cities in Florida have tiny houses and encourage the idea of tiny homes. Some of those cities include Casselberry, Longwood, and some more. The tiny homes in Florida will cost you around $40,000-$100,000. There are various houses of different price ranges. Thus, you can choose your preferred one. 

Moreover, you can even put your tiny house on your property. You will need to cross-check this matter with the local authorities of the respective areas and cities. The least requirement for tiny houses in Florida is that one room should be habitable. Additionally, that room has to be a minimum of 120 square feet. Also, the other habitable rooms should be at least 70 square feet. 

States that Allow Tiny Homes: Tiny Houses in Arizona

In Arizona, tiny houses are not considered permanent residences. Indeed, these are considered travel vehicles. One of the greatest places in Arizona containing tiny houses is Pima County. Moving ahead, the price of tiny homes in Arizona would cost you about $65,000-$110,000. In addition, you can also live off-grid as it is legal in this state. 

Arizona classifies houses as tiny homes when it falls under 400 square feet. Moreover, none of the houses should be less than 200 feet. You are advised to follow all the essential building codes. Moving further, there are several tiny house communities across the state.

Thus, it enables you to enjoy living in tiny homes with people of similar choices. Communities provide great advantages. You all can create a group and can build various other amenities. Such as pool, laundry facility, and the list goes on. 

States that Allow Tiny Homes: Tiny Homes in Texas

Good news! The majority of the counties in Texas do not have restrictions on building or living in tiny houses. Yet, the county codes should be followed to avoid any issues. For instance, the installation of the septic systems should be as per the counties’ regulations.

In Texas, a town called Spur is the best for tiny houses. Furthermore, a beautiful place in Texas has tiny house communities. The name of that county is Lake Dallas.

Moreover, the price range of tiny homes in Texas is $40,000-$100,000. 

Yet, you are not required to pay any property tax for tiny homes. Moving further, some places in Texas do not need any zoning codes. These are Brown County, Baylor County, and some more. 

Tiny Houses in North Carolina

North Carolina allows tiny houses to be built and lived in. Yet, there is a rule for tiny homes there. The houses should be a minimum of 150 square feet. Moreover, another rule is that the tiny houses should be on a foundation.

Also, the houses can only be occupied by a caretaker on relatives of the owners. Indeed, you need to keep in mind that the zoning codes might vary from county to county, so keep track of those. 

Besides, the tiny houses built in North Carolina should not be larger than a primary residence. Also, the houses cannot be mobile, and they must be based on a foundation. Another great news is that you can even stay off-grid in North Carolina as it is legal. Are you planning to live in a tiny house in this state? The city called Wilmington would be the best option. 

Tiny Homes in Utah

Utah is an excellent state for tiny homes. Various counties and cities in Utah permit tiny homes. For example, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Moab, Provo, and some more. Yet, places in Utah have certain zoning codes that restrict tiny homes.

Yet, except those classified as Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs). Cost is an essential factor that assists you in making decisions about the places you would stay in. Tiny homes in Utah cost around $18,000-$100,000. Yet, it depends on the customizations you do and the respective sizes of the homes.

Unfortunately, Utah does not permit you to park your tiny homes anywhere on your property. This is because there is some scarcity of accessibilities that operate a tiny home. To solve this problem, there are some small portions of land allocated. Those would serve the purpose of parking your tiny home on wheels. 

Tiny Houses in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has tiny houses. Thus you can choose to live there! There are many options for renting tiny houses in this state. Some examples include Jamestown, Woodward, Biglerville, Shippensburg, and others. One good news is that you can opt for living off-grid in this state. 

Moving further, tiny houses in Pennsylvania would cost you around $40,000-$100,000. Interestingly, there is a tiny home resort community in this state named Tiny Estates. It is situated in Elizabeth Town. 


Several states in the U.S. permit tiny houses. Starting from Utah to Florida to North Carolina, the list of options is endless. Thus, go through the zoning codes and rules before finalizing your decision to live in states that allow tiny homes. Lastly, opt for the one that suits the best with your interest and preference.

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