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Terracotta Roofing: The Ultimate Guide

By taufiqhaque

While terracotta roofing isn’t exactly new, it has been quite the center of attraction nowadays. With the aesthetically pleasing outlook to the cooling properties of a terracotta roof- everything makes it more desirable than ever.

Hot and humid weather can be coped with a terracotta tile roof, and you can even maintain the look of a Greek Villa if you wish to. For more details of terracotta roof tiles, keep reading!

Terracotta Roofing

A terracotta roof has been around for quite some centuries now. With the ancient Greeks using terracotta roofing for their pottery and buildings, these materials were one of the first to be used by builders worldwide. The terracotta tiles are arguably the oldest form of vernacular construction.

The local building material of terracotta was used worldwide due to the availability of clay. Clay and organic materials are the ingredients of a terracotta tile, which is burned for the desired outcome. Moreover, the tiles could be made waterproof. Overall, terracotta roofing isn’t only beautiful to the eyes but valuable for your housing as well.

Why should you pick terracotta roofing?

Let’s jump onto the reasons you should use a terracotta roof. Other than their visuals, these roofs tend to have many more advantages.


To start off, terracotta roofs are eco-friendly and do not damage the environment as much as the other roofing options do. The clay soil that’s being sourced is processed to limit any energy expenditure by the individuals, which adds value to the sustainability perspective.

Furthermore, the soil is used instead of other methods that might harm the environment, making a terracotta tile roof much safer for the planet. If you’re an environmentalist looking for eco-friendly options for roofing, these might be it.

However, make sure to check the tiles are being locally sourced and not shipped; shipping causes harm to the environment and doesn’t serve the purpose of being eco-friendly.

Energy Efficient

A thick layer of clay soil is applied to your roof to initiate the terracotta tile roof. This improves the overall energy efficiency of your roofing. The clay tiles shall retain any heat, which in turn will provide thermal performance.

This reduces the amount of energy usually required to heat your housing. Moreover, the clay tiles also keep your house cool. Aside from this, a terracotta roof decreases your bills for your monthly carbon footprint; it provides insulation and prevents heat loss as much as it can. 

In addition to these, the coloring of clay tiles is light- which ensures the sun’s rays are reflected. This further reduces the heat and keeps your dwelling nice and cool.


The terracotta tiles are amazingly durable. According to studies, a terracotta tile roof can even last up to 100 years when installed accurately. Through periodic cleaning with the help of a pressure washer, you can maintain your tiles to last that long; this gets rid of any debris or accumulation on your tiles that might have taken place over time.

Moreover, a few clay tile categories arrive with sealed polyurethane- this increases its moisture resistance and prevents any buildup of organic materials. 

Apart from these, metal roofing can get damaged by salty air in coastal areas. This is further an advantage of the terracotta roofing compared to the other methods. Terracotta roofing does not wear away in those areas, making it extremely durable and resilient.

Utilization of Resources

Since clay soil is being used, terracotta roofing utilizes one of the most abundant sources on this planet. Subsoils are readily available in almost all regions of the world, making them ideal for utilization.

Factors to consider before choosing terracotta roofing


Terracotta roof tiles tend to be heavier than the other roofing alternatives. This weight factor requires a better roofing system that can support the durable and heavy tiles, incurring more costs than the others.

Moreover, terracotta tiles are made for minor roof pitches only; if you’re dwelling in a house with a steep roof pitch, terracotta tiles are not the ideal option for you. Furthermore, carrying the tiles after you have bought them will be a hassle due to the weight.


Due to the durability and heaviness, terracotta tiles tend to be more on the pricier side. However, expensive tiles increase the overall value of your home and give you service for the value of your money. The benefits received from these tiles are distinct from the alternatives. Thus, if budget is not an issue for you- terracotta roofing should be your ideal pick.


Due to the clay soil being used to manufacture the tiles, they need periodic sealing. The sealing prevents the porous soil from damaging and provides a barrier of water repellant. This makes the tiles last much longer. 


The terracotta tiles need to be maintained quite often. There might be leaks and damages within the clay, which need repairs and maintenance. With proper maintenance, the tiles shall last you a long time. However, time and energy are required to periodically maintain the terracotta tiles- a duty many individuals do not wish to take.

Installation Process

Ensure that you go through the installation process of terracotta roof tiles step by step. If one step gets missed, you might have to go through it all over again.

Terracotta in Tiny Homes

Terracotta tiles shall make your tiny home look like it’s located in Greece and give you an ancient civilization vibe. Whether it is a regular tiny home or one on wheels, terracotta roofing merges aesthetics with durability.

Bottom Line

Terracotta tiles are the hype currently, especially for how aesthetic they look overall. Other than the appearance, these tiles have many benefits that set them apart from the rest of the alternatives. Even though there are a few drawbacks, these tiles have more advantages- time to get them for your roofing!

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