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The Best Tiny Home Communities In North Carolina For You

By taufiqhaque

Tiny homes are the perfect answer to the rising prices of homes and mortgages. Tiny homes are also the illusion breaker of having/ buying more. They are proof that little is better. Read this article to know about the tiny home communities in North Carolina.

So don’t tiny homes sound like the great option for living in North Carolina? Housing in North Carolina is nowhere near cheap. They are costly.

Fortunately, tiny homes on foundations are legalized in North Carolina. As long as it is built on a foundation and the construction, zoning follows city building codes, and you can live freely in your tiny home in North Carolina.

This has made many tiny home communities in North Carolina form. Let us introduce you to some of the best tiny home communities in North Carolina. 

Tiny Home Communities in North Carolina

Tiny Home Communities In North Carolina

1. Acony Bell Tiny Home Community (Mills River, North Carolina)

Acony Bell is one of the most gorgeous and nature-surrounding tiny home communities in North Carolina. It is located at Ale Trail, North Carolina.  This community is built upon 56 Acres of plain green land. There is a green mountain on one side, and the rest of the sides are filled with green trees. The whole community is bordered for safety.

There are fire pits, gardens, and chicken coops in the community for entertainment activities. This community is intended as a vacation site. Unfortunately, three are no long-term rentals available in this community.

There are different models of tiny homes available for rent. Moreover, parking lots are available. This allows you to bring your mobile tiny home on wheels and park it in the community.

The community is lively and lets you explore what it’s like to be in the minimalist lifestyle. This community could easily be one of the best communities in the USA if it had long-term rentals available.

2. River and Twine Tiny Home Community (Rocky Mount, North Carolina)

River and Twine tiny home community is one of the unique tiny home communities in North Carolina. It is a relatively small tiny home community.

There are 20 tiny homes. Each of them is made by renovating 1900s mill houses. They are different from each other. Besides the 20 in homes, there are three more quest suite tiny homes.

Short-term and long-term rentals are available. So if you want to stay for a long time in a tiny home in North Carolina, you should look forward to booking a tiny home in the River and Twine tiny home community.

Can you bring your mobile tiny homes to the community? You will need to speak with the manager and negotiate a deal. We think it can be arranged. So don’t be shy to ask the manager.


So that was all the best tiny home communities in North Carolina. There are more communities, but these two stood out the most. If you want to stay in any other tiny home community in North Carolina, feel free to stay. Just make sure to speak with the manager first to sort out every important aspect of your stay.

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