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The Best Tiny Home Communities In Tennessee

By taufiqhaque

Tennessee is in the United States’ Southeastern area. Tennessee is the friendliest estate in the world also. It has low tax rates, living costs, and high quality of life. Thus, the population growth of Tennessee is growing. To add more value to residing in Tennessee, tiny home communities are bringing alternatives that are more exciting for your convenience. Let us present to you the tiny home communities.

5 Tiny Home Communities In Tennessee

Tennessee is showing great potential in tiny home communities. The demand and supply are growing day by day. Let’s look at our best five picks:

1. Randy Jones Originals

Jones has built a total of thirty miniature houses in East Tennessee. These all have a living area of one hundred and twenty-eight square feet and are 8 by 16 feet. The interior design of all these tiny houses is uniform, while the exterior design is dependent on the materials Jones has on hand. The owners are now renting the houses to persons willing to pay a fair rate.

2. The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls

Want to enjoy an active experience in a resort without sacrificing the conveniences and architecture you like? The Lakeside Tiny Collection is what you need. The Lakeside Tiny Collection comes in seven different layout design designs. In the Tennessee Mountains, you can find peace and commune with wildlife.

3. The Retreat at Sunset Bluff

The Retreat at Sunset Bluff is The Retreat by Oakstone’s 3rd neighborhood, tucked away in a hillside woodland with panoramic vistas of beautiful Tennessee mountains like you haven’t ever seen before. The lush woodland trails following a calm, running brook are well below the cliff. You’ll never want to look at your coffee in the morning the very same way after seeing a sunrise in Sunset Bluff’s neighborhood.

4. Tiny Town Estates

Thorn Hill, Tennessee, is home to the first tiny home community in Northeast Tennessee. Tiny Town Estates in Thorn Hill, about half an hour from Tazewell and Knoxville. Thorn Hill seems to be an independent community in Grainger County’s remote northeastern region. Thorn Hill and Tazewell both have populations of less than two thousand people.

5. The Retreat at Water’s Edge

The Retreat at Water’s Edge is located in Tracy City, close by. There’s plenty to see and do in the neighborhood; everything is within the range, from Tennessee’s oldest eateries to the famous Fiery Gizzard Trail. This tiny house neighborhood mixes the tranquility of mountain woodlands with the privilege of residing on the lake. The Retreat at Water’s Edge includes a 95-acre of Calm Water Lake, a playground, hiking trails, community pavilions,  bike and kayak stations, fire pits, and more! The houses have a mystical feel to them.


These five different communities will serve whatever you want. There will be no repentance if you choose them. By the way, you must visit Gatlinburg, Memphis, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Knoxville, Chattanooga, these areas when you will move to Tennessee.

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