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The Friendliest Tiny Home Communities In Colorado

By taufiqhaque

Colorado is a great state offering some of the gorgeous landscapes in the USA. It can be a perfect trip and vacation location. What better way to enjoy the landscapes of Colorado than moving into a tiny house? Tiny house enthusiasts will be happy to know that there are many great tiny home communities in Colorado, even though the state has not legalized tiny houses yet.

Don’t worry. These communities are not illegal. They are built by following city-specific building codes. So nothing illegal here.

This article will introduce you to some of these tiny house communities in Colorado. 

Tiny Home Communities in Colorado

Here we have three of the best tiny house communities in Colorado. They are located in different areas of Colorado. So you should not have any problem choosing a location.

Escalante village, Durango, Colorado

Escalante village is a gorgeous tiny house community. It is located at Animas River, Escalante Village. It is only a 15 minutes drive away from downtown Durango.

The place offers you great landscapes and plenty of space to explore with your partner.

The tiny houses in this village are 400 square feet each. That is a decent size, and it is also the maximum size by the definition of tiny houses. There are a total of 24 tiny houses, and the total area of this village is 6512 square feet.

This community will bring you all amendments needed for living in your tiny house. So rest assured.

Tiny House Leadville, Colorado

This tiny house community in Colorado offers only short-term rentals. However, you can negotiate with the manager for a longer rental package.

Although it offers a short stay, it promises to make your stay memorable. Tiny house Leadville is located in Downtown Leadville, Colorado. It has a land area of 10,152 square feet. You will find different types of tiny homes that you can book in this area. They have all kinds of tiny homes.

One bedroom, three-bedroom, different architectural themes, pet-friendly tiny homes, all of them are available.

What makes the Tiny House Leadville different from all other tiny house communities in Colorado is that it does not separate you from the city life. You are getting both city life and natural life at the same time. It is a super unique experience.

Woodland Park Colorado

Woodland Park, Colorado, was originally an RV parking spot. But they have started to accept mobile tiny homes too. It has quickly become popular among the tiny home communities in Colorado.

You will have to bring your own tiny home here to stay. It offers a great view of mountain peaks and beautiful landscapes.


So these were the best tiny home communities in Colorado. They are located at different locations in Colorado. So you can enjoy life in a tiny house in Colorado’s different environments and landscapes.

Ensure you have contacted the manager and gone through all the important details before moving in.

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