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The Future Of Tiny House Communities In Massachusetts

By taufiqhaque

Massachusetts might be a cold state to live in for some people, and that’s why it might be important to establish a few tiny house communities in Massachusetts. They are small and compact and don’t take up much space, but their small size doesn’t mean that they don’t provide the necessities for us to live. From bathrooms to heating, you can get everything with your tiny house, and if you need one for two people, then there are tiny homes large enough for that.

Why Should You Own a Tiny House?

Tiny houses might be smaller than your standard home but rest assured they come with benefits that may outshine larger home’s. The small space of a tiny house means that it is easier to perform maintenance when you spot any signs of damage. The problem with larger homes is that most people can’t afford it, butyou don’t even have to get a mortgage with tiny homes! You can get a tiny house for lower than $1000. You can also attach some tiny homes to your car or another vehicle when you want to change location. Most of these types of homes come in an RV style. Overall, the total cost of running a tiny house is lower, and perhaps this could push people to open up other tiny house communities in Massachusetts.

Are Tiny House Communities Allowed in Massachusetts?

Suppose you’re looking for a tiny house community in Massachusetts. In that case, sadly, you’re out of luck as most of the residential areas in Massachusetts do not allow tiny homes as a single location where you can live permanently. This may differ due to zoning laws. Although you can still get a tiny house, most officials will only count your tiny house as an accessory piece, for example, a stand-alone shed. The tiny houses might have to meet the standard of the zoning laws in Massachusetts, including how tall they are or their features, so right now, finding a tiny house might not be your best bet. The only places that accept tiny houses in Massachusetts are parks where RVs are allowed, or if you know someone, you could try to convince them to let you keep your tiny house on their land.

Are There Any Tiny House Communities in Massachusetts?

If you’re looking for a permanent residence, you’re out of luck, but if you’re looking for somewhere to chill, then TuxBurry Village is your friend. It’s more of a resort than a tiny house community, but the idea is the same. To provide tiny homes for people to live in.


The future of tiny home communities in Massachusetts might be looking a bit bleak, but that can change in the future. The most you can do now is hope that a good prospective builder takes up the project to establish a new community in Massachusetts.

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