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The Rise Of Tiny Home Communities In Wisconsin

By taufiqhaque

The tiny house movement has been around for decades. There was always a need for affordable homes. The growing demand for community spirit and social media spurred it further. “Less” is not always accommodating. Imagine living in these accommodations with large families. Stalwart believers say otherwise. They say it’s possible. Read to learn about the tiny home communities in Wisconsin.

Tiny homes are a growing trend. So why do some zones prohibit them? Building a tiny home isn’t easy. Also, you can’t just decide to make a tiny house anywhere. Zoning is one of the most challenging aspects a tiny house owner can deal with. 

That being said, Wisconsin has four companies that specialize in tiny homes. As long as you adhere to all the UDC laws, you won’t have an issue building a tiny house. The only catch is that you can’t make it on a permanent foundation. 

The Best Tiny Home Communities in Wisconsin

The tiny home movement is everywhere. But it hasn’t escaped Wisconsin either. So if you want to be a part of this experience, look at these communities. 

1. Canoe Bay Escape Village

When in Wisconsin, you must visit this village! It’s the first tiny home village in Wisconsin, and the project was a beautiful success! The town runs over a hundred acres. You can find hardwood forests and even private lakes. The village offers a mix of recreational and relaxation activities too. So even if you don’t want to shift to this lifestyle, this is an excellent place for a getaway. 

2. Wisconsin Tiny Homes 

Wisconsin Tiny Homes is an excellent pick if you want to look at other communities! You can find this family-operated community in south-central Wisconsin. You’ll find stylish tiny homes with a multitude of amenities. Even if you don’t want to make this a lifestyle, you can easily make this a vacation house. Cozy up in the queen-sized bed and enjoy the beautiful view from large windows. 

The Scope of Tiny Home Communities in Wisconsin 

The number of tiny home communities is relatively low in Wisconsin. However, there is a shift in demand due to these homes’ sustainability. In time, Wisconsin will also host a plethora of tiny home communities. 

Did you know you can customize tiny houses to harness solar power or collect rainwater? You can make this small space fully functional and self-sufficient. With the use of innovative technology, your dwelling can be avant-garde too.


There is no clear definition of a tiny home. Any house under 400 square feet falls under that category. The idea of a tiny house is open for interpretation. All you have to do is build it on a mobile foundation.
Nonetheless, these homes can still mimic modern homes with the amenities. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re helpless. On the contrary, they can be as welcoming as a conventional house. Make use of high-quality local materials, and you’re good to go! 

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