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The Scope for Tiny Home Communities In West Virginia

By taufiqhaque

Downsizing looks like the ideal lifestyle in Tiny House Nation. A smaller house means more financial freedom. There’s no sky-high mortgage or rent to deal with. Most importantly, it’s an eco-friendly house as there’s less carbon footprint. Take a look at these tiny home communities in West Virginia.

Despite the benefits, there are some financial considerations to look into. The house may be around 100 square feet, but many things to consider. The construction takes a lot of effort. There are amenities to consider as well. 

First, let’s see if there are any legal considerations.

Most tiny homes are less than 400 square feet. However, these tiny houses can be pretty complicated, especially homeownership. Not all states allow this lifestyle. So, you have to be careful before setting up your small home. 

Luckily for you, there are tiny home communities in West Virginia. It’s completely legal. However, there’s a catch. Your little house cannot be affixed to a property. However, there are special mobile home parking zones you can consider. 

The Best Tiny Home Communities in West Virginia 

If you’re keen to settle in West Virginia, you need to take a look at these tiny home communities! Let’s get started. 

1. CnH Tiny House Village 

If you are looking for tiny homes, you need to look at the CnH Tiny House Village. You can reserve, rent, or lease the houses. Most of the lodgings are equipped with standard amenities. You’ll find seven dwellings in peak conditions. You’ll find this community in the heart of the city. Everything is nearby!

2. Hobbitat

This tiny house community inspires living. Each of these ‘hobs’ is made from reclaimed materials. All of these houses have unique designs and share their own story. You’ll find a wide range of dwellings from 250 square feet to 1200. If you want to join the tiny house movement, find a house that fits your aesthetics in Hobbitat. 

3. New River Cabins 

You can find this lodging in Fayetteville, West Virginia. This beautiful community is only fifteen minutes away from the scenic Summersville Lake and Gauley River. This tiny home community is ideal for you if you’re an adventurous being. Every exciting activity is a short walk away.

Benefits of Living in Tiny Home Communities in West Virginia 

The benefits of tiny homes for West Virginia are innumerable. This unique way of life can tap into green sources of energy. These home dwellers can make use of solar and wind power. Water is saved significantly too! 

Also, just because it’s a tiny house doesn’t mean it’ll be devoid of amenities. It may look rustic from the outside, but it’s filled with modern technology. These tiny houses require sophisticated layouts. This takes effort and time! 


Tiny home communities in West Virginia foster independence. This lifestyle is easy to latch onto because there are so many benefits. The financial freedom you get allows you to explore different things. That’s enough reason to take a step towards this lifestyle!

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