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The Situation of Tiny House Communities In Alaska

By taufiqhaque

Tiny homes are popular all over the world. They offer something that we all desire, freedom. With tiny homes, you can immerse yourself in the minimalist lifestyle. It is now becoming the new smart way of living and enjoying life to its fullest. Read this article to know about the tiny house communities in Alaska.

Even though the tiny house community is growing and showing promises, they are yet to be legalized in all states. Many states in the USA have not legalized tiny houses yet. Alaska is one of them, unfortunately.

Although tiny homes are not legalized in Alaska, the state did not outright ban them. There is some flexibility in the state.

Why are tiny house communities in Alaska illegal?

Why are tiny home communities illegal in Alaska? It is mostly because no specific tiny house building codes exist yet. Since there is no specific instruction, you cannot legally form a tiny home community in Alaska. 

As the future of tiny homes in Alaska is uncertain, even if Alaska legalizes tiny homes, the laws regarding them are unpredictable. They may significantly vary from usual tiny home rules in other states.

If that happens, a presently established tiny home community will have to go under full renovation.

No other specific reason for Alaska not legalizing tiny homes and communities is yet to be discovered.

Can you make a tiny home community in Alaska

While Alaska does not officially allow tiny homes and tiny home communities in the state, we may have discovered a loophole in the system.  This loophole may help you set up a tiny home community in Alaska and encourage the tiny home movement.

In Alaska, mobile tiny homes/ tiny homes on wheels fall under the RV classification. You can park your RV on private property.

So if you buy private property and park a bunch of tiny homes on wheels there, it will create a small tiny home community.

However, you may get questioned by the local authorities. You will have to be prepared to deal with them. Also, you will need to manage water, electricity, and other amenities. You will also have to make a sewage hub to hook all the tiny homes on the property.

Again, this is just a loophole we are talking about. Whether there is a failsafe for this loophole in Alaska is unknown. So try this at your discretion.

Will Alaska legalize tiny home communities?

Will Alaska legalize tiny home communities? That is a big question. Things are quite unpredictable for the moment. But you can say that the majority of things are on the side of legalizing tiny homes and communities in Alaska.

So it will not be a mistake to be optimistic about it.


Although tiny home communities are not legal in Alaska, things may change soon enough. If you want to live in a tiny home community in Alaska, you may hear good news soon. So keep pursuing your tiny home dreams in Alaska.

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