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The Ultimate Guide to MgO Boards

By taufiqhaque

With magnesia returning to its glory after decades of vanishing, the MgO boards are gaining popularity in the construction sector. With modern modifications, the strength and sustainability of magnesium oxide boards have been improved.

They are the perfect replacements for construction panels and boards. Even though MgO boards are comparatively newer in the modern market, they are getting known for the environmental attributes that come along. For the complete guide of magnesium oxide boards, keep reading!

Magnesium Oxide Board in Tiny Homes: Basic Features

A magnesium oxide board is frequently used to construct tiny homes on the ground or wheels. These products may be used in wall sheathing, fascia, trim, and exterior siding for your tiny house.

Aside from these, the boards may be used inside homes- as a wall panel, tile backer, firewall, drop ceiling tile, and ceiling boards. Moreover, MgO boards can operate dry boards as well. Most magnesium oxide arrives from Europe and China; the magnesium and oxygen are combined to formulate magnesium oxide.

This compound is then used to make the MgO boards that serve as environmental benefits. Your tiny home shall be more durable through these boards.

Installation Process

Are magnesium oxide boards easy to install? Yes, they are. They are installed the same way you would set up an oriented strand board, drywall, or even any other commonly used boards. In other words, the installation process is no different from that of the other boards in the market currently.

A few special tools are used to nail, cut, screw, hang, or snap the magnesium oxide boards. Furthermore, the boards have a thickness ranging from 3 to 30 millimeters. This makes it easy to stabilize and install. The boards are quite versatile- some have rough textures while others have a smooth face with various utility styles.


The MgO boards have a moisture-resistant feature in them, but they are not fully waterproof. If water exposure is extended in the boards, they get subject to hypothermal expansion. However, water exposure for short periods causes no harm- swelling or warping- to the boards.

Even so, the experts and sellers suggest water exposure of more than an hour might be harmful to the maintenance of the board. With that being said, the magnesium oxide boards are moisture-resistant enough to protect the basement flooring against unwanted moisture.

Coastal areas use MgO boards quite a lot, as they help prevent any salt damage. However, in areas other than coastal, the MgO boards should have accompanying materials with them. Or else, there shall be a risk of water being absorbed into the board.

Fire Resistance

The fire resistance feature of MgO boards appeals to a lot of people. The people who advocate for the magnesium oxide boards use fire resistance as one of their strengths.

The magnesium oxide board is highly resistant when it comes to flames. It even has a rating for being fire and flame-resistant. Furthermore, no smoke or flame can be spread through these boards.

Environment Friendly

Now comes the real question- are magnesium oxide boards sustainable or eco-friendly? Well, yes, they are. Environmental friendliness is the core reason people are inclined towards the magnesium oxide boards rather than going for the cheaper alternatives.

As time progresses, people tend to look for more sustainable options instead of cheap and profitable ones. The curing process of the magnesium oxide boards helps capture any carbon dioxide being produced. Moreover, the MgO boards do not contain formaldehyde, asbestos, benzene, ammonia, or silica.

Compared to MgO boards, the other construction panels and boards include some or most of the harmful materials mentioned above- causing harm to the environment. 


No volatile compounds or toxic materials are used in the boards being made. Generally, toxic substances are avoided in these boards due to the usage of the boards being both indoors and outdoors. With that being said, no toxic materials or ingredients are used to produce these boards, making them safer than the cheaper alternatives.]

However, the homeowners and contractors must wear dust respirators to protect themselves during the installation process. Even if the materials are safe, the installation process might cause damage to the worker’s systems- it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Recycling Process

The magnesium oxide boards are recyclable. This provides another advocacy for the boards, as recycling means there shall be no waste or carbon footprint. Other than being recycled, the magnesium oxide boards can be decomposed and mixed in the soil for any enhancement or nourishment.

Hence, if you’re an environmentalist who does not like keeping wastage behind- these boards are ideal for you.

Advantages of MgO Boards

  • Fireproof quality ensures proper resistance to flames and smoke.
  • Efficient energy is used in the production of MgO boards.
  • This process reduces any waste, ideal for a sustainable future.
  • Carbon dioxide is being captured while the production goes on.
  • No mold, bacteria, or rot can affect the boards.
  • The weight is much lighter than the other boards in the market; it also has better quality.
  • The easy installation process makes it simple and fast for the contractors. 

Disadvantages of MgO Boards

  • The cost of magnesium oxide boards is higher than that of the competitive boards on the market.
  • The quality of the boards depends on the manufacturers greatly; the boards differ from one seller to another quite a lot.
  • Cheaper boards do not always provide the worst performance. When buying a MgO board, this statement is assumed to be false.
  • The installation techniques are unique from seller to seller. If you have installed one already, there is a high chance the other one is greatly different.
  • Some boards refuse to work well in humid climates, which nobody can control.

Bottom Line

The magnesium oxide boards have multiple benefits with some disadvantages as well. From a sustainable perspective, the MgO boards have more benefits than losses. The resistance qualities and eco-friendly properties of the boards are what make them so special. Good luck finding the best MgO board for yourself!

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