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Tiny Home Communities In Delaware

By taufiqhaque

Tiny homes are gaining more popularity day by day. It is the perfect answer to the rising price of houses and mortgages. But unfortunately, state policies, building codes, and legal obligations are not letting the US fully legalize tiny homes. That is why many states do not accept tiny homes with open arms. Delaware is one such state.

Although Delaware is a small welcoming state with great landscapes and beaches, tiny homes are not accepted widely. That is why there aren’t any tiny home communities in Delaware yet.

Will things change for the better? It is quite difficult to say.

Why are tiny home communities illegal in Delaware?

Tiny Home Communities In Delaware
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The reason for tiny homes to be illegal in Delaware is not specified. But we can make a few reasonable guesses.

The first guess is the size of the state. Delaware is a small state compared to other US states. Delaware has many beautiful landscapes. If tiny homes were made officially legal, the whole state would get crowded by many tiny homes and communities. We guess that the authority of Delaware wants to preserve its beauties and thus keep tiny homes illegal.

Another guess is that the authorities didn’t find tiny homes suitable for living. So they made them illegal.

Whatever the case is, the Delaware authorities do not actively seek out to eliminate tiny homes. You can still find some tiny homes around the state of Delaware. But there are no tiny home communities because they will face many restrictions and the authorities may take active measures against it.

Is it possible to form a tiny home community in Delaware now?

Although tiny homes are not legal in Delaware, the authority does not actively prohibit you from constructing your tiny home. The question is whether it is possible to form a tiny home community in Delaware in its current state?

We don’t think it is possible now. The authorities are discouraging tiny homes to be constructed in the state. So if you construct a tiny home community, that will attract more attention. This will cause people to start considering tiny homes. That will upset the Delaware government,, and your tiny home community will be taken out.

So we don’t think it is possible to construct a tiny home community in Delaware now. 

Will Delaware legalize tiny home communities?

Currently, the Delaware authority is against making tiny homes and communities legal in Delaware. But some organizations in Delaware are working to make tiny homes an option for everyone.

If these organizations become successful, then it will be good news for everyone. Then there will be many tiny home communities in Delaware, and you may move in with your tiny house.

Until then, we can hope for the best and pray that the organizations become successful.


So this is the current situation of tiny home communities in Delaware. Things may not look good now, but soon it may turn for the better. So if you dream of moving into a tiny home in Delaware, you will need to be a little patient now.

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