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Tiny Home Communities In Hawaii

By taufiqhaque

Hawaii seems to be a perfect state for setting up a tiny home community, right? It is a place of dream for travelers. You have long beaches with great views, active volcanoes, dry lava fields, cultural events, etc.

Unfortunately, there are no tiny home communities in Hawaii. The cities in Hawaii have different building codes. Some cities have flexible laws for tiny homes and others have very strict prohibitions. This has made the tiny home situation in Hawaii very difficult.

So there are no open tiny home communities in Hawaii yet. The mixed reaction of different cities towards tiny homes has made Hawaii a highly complex state to build a tiny home community.

Tiny Home Communities In Hawaii

Let us clear one thing out. Are tiny homes legal in the state of Hawaii? No, it is not. Hence, tiny home communities are not legal in Hawaii either.

That being said, some islands/ cities in Hawaii disagree on this matter. Those cities allow tiny homes on their borders. But it needs to be built by following the building codes of those cities.

You can purchase a plot of land in some cities to construct your tiny home in it. You can even rent land for parking your mobile tiny home and use it as a permanent home. But the tiny home on wheels has to be registered as a travel trailer in the Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles.

But the majority of the cities do not allow tiny homes. The Hawaii economy is mainly based on tourism. This can be the main reason why the state has not legalized tiny homes.

Is It Possible to Build a Tiny Home Community Anywhere in Hawaii?

It is possible to build a tiny home community in some places in Hawaii. Some Hawaii cities allow tiny homes. We need to pick one of those cities.

Next, we will have to buy enough land to make a tiny home community. Next, we send out the word to the tiny home network in the USA. People will come and settle in with their private mobile tiny homes and form a community.

Or you can construct some tiny homes in the land and rent them out to form a community.

It sounds quite easy, but there will be some legal complications that must be dealt with.

So why aren’t there any tiny home communities in Hawaii yet? We think it is because no one is daring enough to take the step.

What is the future of Tiny Home Communities in Hawaii?

We think the future of tiny home communities in Hawaii is positive. The housing price in Hawaii is increasing. Some locals are forced to camp and live to survive. This is strengthening the tiny house movement in Hawaii. It may change the mind of authorities and tiny home communities may get legalized.


The tiny home movement in Hawaii is strengthening. We can hope to see tiny homes get legalized soon in Hawaii. This will form many tiny home communities in Hawaii and you will be able to move in.

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