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Tiny Home Communities In New Mexico

By taufiqhaque

The tiny home movement in the U.S.A is getting stronger day by day. Tiny homes are the perfect and most reasonable answer to increasing house prices. The housing cost in New Mexico is 6% above average of the U.S.A. So it is reasonable to live in a tiny home in New Mexico. Luckily, tiny homes are legalized in New Mexico. Some tiny home communities are growing in New Mexico. Thiss article will introduce you to some of these tiny home communities in New Mexico.

Tiny Home Communities in New Mexico

Tiny homes are legal in New Mexico. Hence the scope for building tiny home communities is available. But there are only a handful of tiny home communities available in New Mexico. Two of them are available for booking. The others are still growing, and we can hope to see them in the picture very soon.

Until then, let us talk about the two available tiny home communities in New Mexico.

1. River Edge Tiny Home Village (Rio Communities, New Mexico)

Located in 264 Vis del Rio, Rio Communities of New Mexico, River Edge is the most furnished and developed tiny home community in New Mexico now.

This tiny home community offers pre-existing tiny homes for sale. You can also bring your tiny homes to the community. But it has to meet community requirements. You can speak with the manager about that.

The tiny homes come with all the necessary amenities for peaceful living. Everything is included in the price. The homes here are very affordable.

You can also rent off-grid tiny homes if you want. The off-grid tiny homes will cost $15,000. It comes with a lofted bed, solar panels for electricity, and a 50-gallon water tank.

2. Centennial Village (2118 North Florida Avenue, Alamogordo, New Mexico)

Here is another new tiny home community in New Mexico. This tiny home community is located on North Florida Avenue in Alamogordo. This is a fully gated tiny home community. The community has many tiny homes on foundations in its perimeter. The community is still growing. So more tiny homes are being added to it, and they will soon be available for rent.

The community offers long-term rentals. So you can easily make it your permanent residence.

All tiny homes inside this community are about 400 square feet. All of them come with a carport and a little storage unit. The little storage unit helps a lot since you are living tiny.

Besides these two features, you will get water, sewage, electricity, and maintenance service. It is a very neat tiny home community in New Mexico, and you should check it out.


So these are the two tiny home communities in New Mexico that are currently open for booking and rentals. There will be more communities opening very soon in New Mexico.

If you can’t get a plot in these two tiny home communities, then don’t worry. Keep an eye for new tiny home communities in New Mexico, and you will surely get one of your choices.

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