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Tiny Home Community In Missouri

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Of course, bigger homes are necessary when you are living with a big family. Big homes, however, do take up a lot of space and are harder to clean. If you are just living alone by yourself, there is no need to buy a bigger home when you already have a tiny little home for yourself.  Keep on reading to learn more about the tiny home community in Missouri.

Tiny home communities in Missouri are everywhere as long as you know where to look.

5 Best Tiny Home Community in Missouri

We have gathered together some of the best places you can find tiny home communities in Missouri and some of the best ones as well!

1. Tiny Home Community in Missouri: Elevate Branson

Branson is a city with a rich history and is packed with all kinds of entertaining things for you to do. Besides being a fun-packed city, Branson also offers you Elevate Community. This community accommodates 48 tiny homes that are great for students just moving out for college and people with a below-average income. It’s more of a tiny home village than a community. 

2. Tiny Home Community in Missouri: Eden Village 2

Springfield is another great place to live. It has a good value, a great job market and offers you a quality lifestyle. The tiny homes in West Bower Street of Springfield already come furnished, so you feel at home the moment you enter. This tiny home community has 24 homes and is about 85% done being constructed. The people are amazing and friendly too. What else could you ask for? 

3. Tiny Home Community in Missouri: The Hideaway

Located in the south of Kansas City, The Hideaway is another tiny home village worth checking out if you want to live in Kansas. South Kansas City is a great place to live with all the lakes and beaches. It can be pretty relaxing. Moreover, in the Hideaway, you will find yourself connecting with nature a lot more since it has beautiful trees surrounding it.

4. Tiny Home Community in Missouri: Columbia

If you were wondering what the city in central Missouri would be, then here it is, it is Columbia. If you are interested in the history of art and museums, then Columbia has some of the best ones. Not only that but there are a bunch of picnic shelters and beaches as well. It is a good place to let your creativity run wild. 

5. Jefferson City

The capital of Missouri, Jefferson City. The Magdala Foundation in Jefferson City is a tiny home community. It has 50 tiny home accommodations, all of which come with beds and necessary furniture. Of course, Wi-Fi as well. Jefferson City has the most laid-back tiny home community in Missouri. 

Final Words

Missouri is an amazing place to live since you will always find something for everyone. Nature, culture, rural areas, sports, and great food. It is entertaining for everyone, and the tiny home communities in Missouri are a great option to save money!

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