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Tiny Home Customization: How To Customize Your Tiny Homes

By taufiqhaque

Tiny home customization is the new sensation among people who are ready to embrace the minimalistic way of life. When you are ready to custom small house for yourself and your family, you have to think from bottom to top to make the house more functional. As exciting as the concept looks, it is rather harder to execute because the space is limited. There are endless options to build your tiny dream house. From everything that you can do with your tiny house, here are 15 tiny home customization ideas that are must-knows for every tiny house dreamer out there.

1. Floor Plan Mock-Up

When you are ready to custom small house of your own, consider pre-planning by doing a floor mock-up. This method means you have to draw designated areas of your tiny house on the allotted floor space beforehand. It will help you in understanding whether the tiny home customization you are opting for is practical or not. 

2. Use Post-it Note Method

Every tiny house is the fruit of one’s dream. Hence, your dream certainly differs from someone else’s dream. Take a post-it note, and write down the purpose of your tiny house. The purpose will tell you how to design the layout of your place. Space is precious. So, try to be minimal with the list.

3. Know the Law

Even if you are planning to custom small house on your land, building code and zoning regulations are must-haves. Know the law and regulations of your country/state before your tiny home customization. These include knowing the minimum ceiling height, number of windows, emergency exit points, plumbing requirements, etc.

4. Downsize and Declutter

Downsizing is the golden rule for tiny home customization. Many people are opting for tiny houses because they want to experience the joy of minimalism. Which means shredding of clutters from your life. Declutter before you are ready to custom small house of your own. This way, only the necessary things will stay at your place.

5. Say Hi to High Ceilings

Apart from many existing laws that impose certain standards regarding ceiling height, you must think deeply about this before tiny home customization. No one likes to feel stuffed in their space. Ceiling height can make your home seem spacious. Use a gable shed or any other type of ceiling to a custom small house. While the floor space is minimal, utilizing the height is crucial for tiny home customization.  

6. Include Side Walls

 Sliding walls are becoming popular among tiny house residents. Tiny house space ranges between 250 to 700 square meters. Houses are meant to preserve privacy. When you need to separate extra space for some private use, sliding walls can benefit the idea. You can also opt for curtains instead of sliding walls.

7. Utilize the Stair Case

Since many tiny houses can only grow vertically, stairs are quite common in tiny houses. When you have a staircase in your house, try to utilize the space underneath by building storage or cupboards. Or, you can use the space by building your home office under the stairs. A small sitting arrangement will also be great.

8. Say No to Partitions

Partitions are great for thousand-square feet houses. But for tiny houses, the partition is a big NO. Partitions can make your space look smaller than it is. Besides, tiny houses do not require segmentation like big houses. So when space is limited, there is no room for partitions.

9. Be Clever with Storage

You have to incorporate lots of stuff inside a minimum space. Regular items can take up most of the space. Hence, you have to look for storage in unique places around the house. It can be under the flooring, sidewalls, hidden storage inside your furniture, and so on.

10. Efficiently Use the Walls

Walls give structures to your place. When you are opting for tiny home customization, spare the walls for housing tools. Wall hangers can hold small to large items, especially in the kitchen area. In addition, you can even add a bookshelf in your living area. Wall hangers are also great for utilizing the washroom area.

11. Customize Multipurpose Usage

Dedicating a space entirely for a single purpose is not the luxury you can afford in a tiny house. Innovative ways to customize your space so that every place serves multiple purposes are the key to having a smart tiny house. For example, the couch in your living area can be a great sitting option during the day, and you can transform it into bedding at night.  

12. Windows

One of the downsides of tiny houses is that they can make you feel stuffed. You can customize as many windows as you can in your tiny house design. Windows can help in air circulation around the house and build a connection with the outside world. Which will make you feel freer in your tiny house.

13. Mirrors

Mirrors can escalate the elegance of your space by a thousand folds. Talking about tiny house customization, mirrors are great items to have. Mirrors can minimize the need for dressing tables. They can make your place seem larger by reflecting the space. Besides, mirrors can make the place brighter by reflecting the lights.

14. Use Light Colors

When you custom small house for yourself, the color of your walls, in particular, says a lot about your taste. Bold colors are great for upbeat enthusiasm. But tiny places look good when you add lighter color on the walls. Because lighter colors reflect the lights more. They also add a sense of sanity and simplicity.

15. Use Folding Furniture

Permanent establishments can take up precious space inside your tiny house. Thinking of folding options for your furniture can make the space perfect for multipurpose usage. Furniture like a dining table is useful when you are having a meal. The rest of the time, you can fold it and save space. While customizing a tiny house, you should look for such options to save more space.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these ideas, you can add your concepts to a custom small house of your own. Concepts like combining shower and toilet using loft beds have been quite popular. There is no hard and fast rule for tiny home customization. In the end, it is your dream and creative ideas that make the foundation for your customized small house.

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