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Tiny Home Roof Design Ideas

By taufiqhaque

The roof of any house, whether it be of regular sizes or tiny, is undoubtedly one of the most important components of it. Thus, you must have good roofing.  Keep reading the following article to get some inspiration on tiny home roof design ideas!

In a tiny house, a great roof can do you wonders. They can protect you from harsh weather and keep your house insulated. Not only that, but a good roof can also change the overall view of the house you are living in and make it pleasing to look at from the outside, thus elevating the experience of living there.

The best part about roofing a tiny house is that you will be able to choose the aesthetic you want and achieve it for a lot less than the price of a regular one. So, if you are planning to design the roof of your small house, here are some tiny home roof design ideas for you.

Tiny House Roof Options

Contrary to what you might think, numerous roof ideas are available for tiny houses. Using different designs and materials you can create something unique for yourself. 

It is very important that you like the roof you are building both from the outside and inside. A beautiful roof will bring the exterior of the house together, and the right design can make your tiny house look bigger on the inside. So, here are some tiny home roof design ideas that we have curated for you!

Roof Designs

The design you choose for your roof in the making and breaking point for it. You can choose roofing that benefits you by providing protection and insulation, and design it to something that fits your aesthetics and personality.

However, while doing the fun part, do not forget the practical part. Remember that you will need something that will not bang you in the head when you stand up. 

The following are some practical and aesthetically pleasing small house roof ideas that you can consider:

Shed Roof or Lean-To

tiny home roof design

A shed roof is a roof that has a single-sloped surface that is not attached to another roof surface. This design creates a beautiful look that is great for good lighting and rainwater harvesting. This style can be a great option for you if you want to have a loft in your house as the peak of the roof is at the maximum height of your house’s structure, which gives you a lot of space to work with.

However, there is a disadvantage to it. The Shed Roof or Lean-To is harder to clean after a snowy night since there is barely any place to stand, and you will be at a greater risk of falling from there.

Saltbox Roof

Tiny House Roof Ideas

The Saltbox Roof is a classic roof style that, although asymmetrical, looks chic and elegant from the outside. These roofs have two sides with an off-centred peak, and one of these sides is small with a low slope, while the other side is larger but with an even lower slope. 

These roofs are great for rainy locations as they do not accumulate water, however, the downside is that, since the roof makes the weight of the house get distributed unevenly, the end walls need to get fortified, and they need structural reinforcements. 

If you still really want this style of roof, you can add a skylight to it to further elevate it from the inside.

Gambrel or Barn Style Roof 

Tiny House Roof Ideas

The Gambrel or Barn Style Roof is a typical roof that is commonly seen over barn houses. They are made of two symmetrical sides where each of the sides has two or more slopes, one of which is shallower while the other is steeper.

The advantage of having such roofs is that we are structurally strong and allow a lot of headroom. They are also perfect for those who want to build lofts; however, their downside is that their strength can only be maximized by reinforcing each joint.

Gable Roof

The Gable roof is probably the most common style of the small house roof. These roofs have two connected sides that slope in opposite directions, and they are the perfect weather-resistant style out there.

They are quite simple to build, however, they are not the most ideal style for those who want to maximize their space or even build a loft. Additionally, if you are living in a location where it snows often, you will need structural reinforcements which consume extra headspace.

Flat Roof 

The flat roofs are, as the name suggests, complete flat with no peaks. They are quite aesthetically pleasing as they look clean from the outside. However, they do not maximize headroom, and they also accumulate rainwater, snow, and other debris over time.

Arched or Round Roof

The Arched or Round Roof are the roofs that we typically get to see over caravan wagons. These roofs distribute the weight evenly and are the sturdiest on the list. However, the disadvantage with building an Arched or Round Roof is that they are complex construction projects which can be difficult for beginners.

Roofing Materials

Now that you know what kinds of roof designs you have as options for your small house, let’s talk about what the materials that are typically used for roofing are.

After all, the materials are just as important as the designs. Without the proper materials, you will be stuck with a roof that will need maintenance every so often and will probably start to show signs of depreciation just a couple of years after building.

Here are some of the roofing materials and their details that are used for building small house roofs:

Metal roofing panels

Metal roofing panels are lightweight roofs that are sturdy and durable. They make for the perfect small house roof as they can resist windy, rainy, and snowy weathers, and even withstand the impact hail causes; they can also resist bugs, mildew, rust, and mold which is extremely convenient, especially when you are traveling in your mobile house.

These roofs are made of copper and aluminium steel roofing panels that are resistant to corrosion. Additionally, these metal roofs are inexpensive, they should cost you about $75 per square foot, which is a great price for the durability and efficiency they offer.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

The Standing Seam Metal Roofs make for an ideal roofing material as it is durable and easy to install. These roofing materials have standing seams that can be used to fasten them together, and the fastening points are not actually visible, so people would not even have to know!

The main disadvantage they have is that they are actually quite expensive, and they can be a little complicated to install on a certain roof. However, they are still a viable option as they a great for different weathers.

Asphalt shingles 

Asphalt shingles, although not environment-friendly, do well with any tiny home roof design. This is because they provide protection from harsh weather and are great for atmospheres where temperatures experience extreme shifts between hot and cold. 

These roof materials are easy to install and come in a wide variety of colors. They are also quite cost-efficient as they cost about $100 per square of shingles.

Ceramic tiles 

Ceramic tiles make for a great roofing material for those who want a beautiful exterior look. These tiles, made of concrete, slate terracotta, or clay will instantly bring your small house roof design together.

Despite being quite expensive and heavy, these materials have their perks. They can withstand any climate, including hail, winds, snow, and even fire; the debris is something you would not have to worry about either when you are using tiles. However, since the material is so heavy, we would advise you to only use them on small houses that are built on foundations.

Alternate Tiny House Roof Ideas

If you have a creative mind and the tiny home roof design that we have suggested has not interested you, there are a few other things you can consider. 

The first thing that you can consider is a solar shingle roof. This small house roof is built of solar panels which not only give your house a unique look but also work for your own benefit. With a solar shingle roof, you will be able to channel electricity which can help you run your electric appliance. Solar shingles are also quite sturdy since they are made of tempered glass, and they do not cost nearly as much as solar panels do.

Another creative approach you can take to build your small house roof is by creating a mini green roof. A mini green roof or a rooftop garden is actually quite an innovative idea since not only does it look beautiful, it can also provide you with a lot of things. These are even better if you have a mobile house with a flat roof because then you will be able to utilize all the rainwater it can collect. Since it will be out in the sun for the most part anyway, you wouldn’t have to do much to take care of it either.

Something else you can do is get a glass roof. A roof completely made of tempered glass would basically be like having an entire roof like a skylight. Imagine stargazing from the comfort of your tiny home! Not only does it look amazing inside and out, but if you get the right quality of glass, it can be functional as well. Since tempered glass is sturdy and durable it would make the perfect tiny home roof design for any house.

Something to Consider for Tiny Home Roof Design

When looking into tiny home roof design you will need to consider whether you want a vented house or an unvented house. They both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Vented Roofs

Vented roofs are roofs that allow air to pass through the underside of them. These are the traditional roofs that have the air enter through soffit vents and get out the ridge vents.

The benefit these kinds of roofs have is that they let natural airflow in the house and dry any moisture vapor that is in the air. These are also helpful during different weathers, as they actively cool the space that is between the roof and the insulation during summer, thus cooling the sun’s heat that has been absorbed by the roof; and they prevent ice dams during winter by keeping the underside of the roof at the same temperature as the outside.

Unvented Roofs

On the other hand, unvented roofs are roofs that do not allow the air to pass through. These roofs are great for small houses as they do not take up internal space, thus making the house appear bigger, and they are also easier to install by yourself which saves money.

Our Recommendation

While both the vented and unvented roofs have their benefits and drawbacks, there is one that we would recommend more than the other. We think that for tiny houses, it is best to get unvented roofs since they save space and money, however, both options are great for small house roof projects!


Choosing the perfect tiny house roof design can be nerve-wracking for anyone who is not familiar with the kinds of roofs that are available. A small house roof can also be hard to choose if the person does not know what kind of style they would prefer.

That is where we come in with our tiny house roof ideas. Our list of perfect styles and materials is bound to help you contemplate what you want and give you new inspirations.

So, if you are wondering what kind of tiny home roof design you should go for, consider this article, and get started right away!

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