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Tiny House Communities In Minnesota

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When it comes to real estate deals, tiny homes might not be at the top of the list, but their popularity is quickly rising. The good thing about these houses is that they’re great for people who live alone and feel like they want to escape the bright lifestyle of the city. You might be surprised how something small will be able to provide you with all the necessities you need, so if you’re looking for a tiny home community in  Minnesota, then you might benefit from checking the list down below.

Five Best Tiny House Communities In Minnesota

1. The Sanctuary, Minnesota

Tiny House Communities In Minnesota

The Sanctuary is one of the best tiny house Communities in Minnesota because they do more than provide homes. They offer event planning for functions, so if you end up loving the atmosphere, then you might even want to get married here. You can buy a separate tiny home and move it to this sanctuary, where you can rent your space.

2. East Metro Collective

Be sure to tell anyone you come across about this tiny house community in Minnesota, as it might be of valuable information to some people. They offer housing for people experiencing homelessness, so you might end up helping someone to find a new home. It’s located in Maplewood, so be sure to get the word out there in the open.

3. Black Bear

The black bear is one of the largest tiny homes that you can drag on wheels, and the large size means it can fit more than two people. It offers two bedrooms and a functioning bathroom. For $135,000, this sturdy tiny house can be yours, so don’t miss out!

4. North Loop

The Avivo village located in Minneapolis is one of the best tiny house Communities in Minnesota. It was aimed to provide shelter when the COVID virus used to be in worse conditions. Each house is fitted with all living necessities, including a bathroom and enough room to fit two people.

The fact that a nonprofit organization made it should speak enough about the motives behind such a project.

5. Alchemy Architects, St Paul

This is one of the most environmentally friendly tiny house Communities in Minnesota. Compared to the standard tiny houses in the US, these houses aim to limit the potential harm to the world. The structures have been built firmly into the ground to last a long time, and each house has about 300-1200 square feet of room to spare.


Tiny houses might seem like a better alternative for people who are conscious about their money or going through difficult times. These tiny houses will offer a lot of comfort and warmth this winter.

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