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Tiny House Window Ideas in 2022

By taufiqhaque

Tiny house or small home is a relatively new concept in housing but the idea has clicked with many people instantly. A lot of people choose tiny houses as temporary or permanent housing solutions. 

Because of the difference in living space and sizing between traditional homes and tiny homes, a small house owner has to consider every possible option and utilize every small thing to make the tiny house lifestyle smoother and better. 

Windows for tiny homes is something every tiny homeowner has to consider carefully because both ventilation and lighting will depend on the windows. If you’re a small house owner looking for window ideas, here’s our list of tiny house window ideas you can consider for your little heaven. Enjoy!

Tiny house window ideas: what window do you need?

Windows for tiny homes come in many sizes and forms. Here are some windows you can consider for a small house.

1. Casement windows

Most common type among small house windows. This kind of window has two parts and each part is hinged to one side of the window frame. Casement windows can be designed to open inwards or outwards.


  • Allows maximum airflow if placed right
  • They can be opened fully
  • Casement windows let lots of light come in
  • Widely available and cost-effective
  • Easy to clean


  • Can be an obstacle whatever way they open
  • Risk of rain coming in if kept open at night
  • Not good during winter

Casement windows are good for cross breeze ventilation when two windows are placed on the opposite of each other, and it’s a good option to use near the kitchen since it can get the air out quickly.

2. Awning windows

Another common window type for tiny houses. This kind of window is usually hinged on its top and opens from the bottom and typically opens outwards.


  • Awning windows let lots of light come in
  • Safe to keep it open during the night
  • Less chance of rain coming in as the glass works like a shield
  • Can be installed in narrow spaces
  • Cost-effective and easily available


  • Not very good for airflow and ventilation
  • Can be an obstacle as it opens outwards

It is best to place an awning window in a high position so it can have improved ventilation and does not become an obstacle.

3. Slider window

Slider windows are one of the easiest windows to get. As the name suggests, the window slides to open. The windows contain 2 parts and they can be slid separately or together. Slider windows can have one window pane fixed and the other pane doing all the moving, or both panes can be functional.


  • Slider windows can be customized to be of any size
  • Smaller slider windows can act like extraction fans
  • Can fit in narrow spaces
  • Can be used as dividers between spaces


  • Picks up dirt easily
  • Harder to clean
  • Opens only on one side so not very good for ventilation
  • Rain can get inside the window frame and build up moisture

As a slider window doesn’t open in any direction and slides on the window frame instead, it can be placed anywhere. Frosted windows (slider windows with one window pan fixed) can indirectly let the air out of spaces like your shower or kitchen so it can be an alternative to having an extraction fan.

4. Double hung windows

Tiny House Window Ideas

Double hung windows are the most common option for tiny houses. These windows are like slider windows but they function vertically. Usually, both the top and bottom windows are functional but some double hang windows can have a fixed top pane. These windows are called single sash windows. Double hung windows have fly screens outside.


  • Can fit in narrow space
  • Good for small space ventilation
  • Children-friendly


  • Very expensive even though they’re pretty common
  • Not good for big spaces
  • Doesn’t let much light come in
  • The fly screens make it harder to clean
  • Not safe for moving tiny houses

Double hung windows do better for narrow spaces and they work very nicely as extraction fan alternatives for high places.

5. Louvre windows

Tiny House Window Ideas

Louvre windows are like shutters outside your window but made of glass. The window frame has multiple glass panes and they all can be opened or closed with a single lever.


  • Good for narrow spaces
  • Good ventilation
  • Can be good for indirect air passing


  • Not safe for moving tiny houses
  • Are very expensive
  • High possibility of air leakage
  • Not much airflow
  • Doesn’t let much light pass in

Louvre windows are tailored for specific needs and are usually used in permanent tiny houses.

6. Picture windows

Tiny House Window Ideas

A picture window is a set or fixed window that doesn’t open. These aren’t functional and are usually used for better lighting inside small houses.


  • Let’s the most amount of light come in
  • Can be customized to any shape
  • No air leakage because the window doesn’t open
  • Are way cheaper than other windows
  • Easy to clean


  • It isn’t functional
  • Zero ventilation because the window doesn’t open

Picture windows are good for using in places where you need lots of light to come in. you can use picture windows on the roof too because it doesn’t let the rain come in.

What should you consider for your tiny home windows?

When you’re deciding what windows you should get for your tiny home, you should focus on three things- functionality, cost and whether you’re going for custom windows or stock ones.

The first thing you should think of is functionality. Do you want more light or ventilation? Will you use picture windows or other windows you can open for ventilation? Your cost for windows will depend on the level of functionality you want for your windows.

Cost is a really big factor for tiny house windows because the windows come in many sizes, and you will need a lot of them for proper ventilation and lighting. Check if your budget agrees with the functionality you want. If your budget doesn’t agree, you’ll have to find better options or lower the functionality level.

Custom or stock – it depends on your cost. Take 10% off of your budget and calculate. If 10% is lower than $5000, you’ll have to go for stock windows.


And that concludes our guide to tiny house window ideas. We recommend using different types of windows based on placements, but it is all up to you in the end. Feel free to let us know how our guide works out for you!

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