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Tiny Office: How Can You Convert Your Tiny Home into an Office

By taufiqhaque

The tiny house movement is getting bigger and more energetic each day. As people have started to accept the minimalist approach to life, the application of tiny homes is getting broader. This, added with the work from home trend, has given rise to the idea of remote workstations. Planning on making a tiny office in your tiny house? Then take a look at our guide. We have broken down all the necessities.

What better vessel to choose than your tiny home for this idea?

Now how would someone turn their tiny home into a tiny office? That depends on several factors. Tiny homes are not like our standard homes. So you will have to be very creative with designing an office/ commercial space in it.

But don’t worry. We will discuss all the ins and outs of converting tiny homes into tiny offices. So let us get started.

Office inside a Tiny House

The concept of office space in a tiny house or a fully dedicated office inside a tiny house implies the concept of working from home. However, tiny houses are very limited with space. They are usually limited to 40 square feet of space.

Because of this low space, you won’t see a fully dedicated tiny house office/ office in house on wheels too often. Usually, the tiny home dwellers make a workstation in a small space in their tiny home and call it a tiny office.

So basically, we can classify the various tiny house office designs into two categories: dedicated tiny house office and workstation.

Turning a whole tiny house into a tiny office can be a big project. But if you want to be productive and change your lifestyle with your work, then you should definitely invest in it. On the other hand, making a small workstation inside your tiny home is very easy.

Let us keep our discussion focused on a whole tiny house transformation. This will also include the steps of making a small workstation in your tiny home.

All the Necessities

Before we start constructing, we must make sure that we have all the necessary equipment, utilities, and tools for our tiny home office.

The items you will need for your tiny home office are:


The first thing to look for is space. Since you are converting your full tiny house into a tiny office, do you have space for it? Can you still live, sleep, and eat in the house if you do that? Do you have kitchen, bedroom, and shower/ washroom space?

These are very important factors to consider if you live in a tiny home full-time. Unfortunately, we often overlook these details. So make sure you have planned for them before.

If it is an house on wheels office, you won’t have to worry much about those since the house on wheels has those facilities pre-installed.


Next comes power. By power, we mean electricity that is required to run office equipment like your computer, smartphone, printer, scanner, shredder, and other office utilities.

If you have a tiny house on a foundation, then it is probably hooked into the local power grid. In that case, you just have to worry about paying your bills on time.

But if you have a moving tiny house/ tiny house on wheels, then power management can be a big problem. Usually, these types of tiny homes use battery cells and generators to store and use power. While they can provide a good amount of power supply, they are finite and can run out quickly by powering all office equipment in the tiny office. In that case, you will have to stay very careful with power usage and refill them whenever you have the chance.

Internet Connection

The next thing to have is a steady internet connection. Work from home would not have been possible if there was no fast and steady internet connection. You are connected to the office and its affairs via the internet connection.

Since you will be moving around in your tiny office (if it is a tiny mobile house office in house on wheels), it will not be possible to hook a broadband connection to it. You will have to work with cellular/ mobile data.

In that case, you will have to worry about the network coverage of your cell-network provider. That is something you should plan before heading out to a new destination with your tiny office/ home.


Now we can focus on the desk. Of course, it does not have to be an office desk. You can use any desk of your convenience for setting up your primary workstation in the house.

You should look for creative desk solutions since you have limited space in the house.

Consider Lap desks, standing desks, or foldable desks. But if you can manage a traditional desk, then it is okay.

The thing that you must ensure about the desk is that it is big enough for your laptop/ desktop. If you have to deal with lots of paperwork, then you should go for permanent desks that stay in one place. This helps you keep things organized.


Most of us will go for bulky and comfortable office chairs for our remote-work stations. It is understandable because we all want to be comfortably seated while doing office work.

But we must not forget that we are making a tiny house office. They are limited in space. So it is better to avoid bulky options. You should look for lightweight and less space-covering chairs. If possible, choose chairs that can be slid under the office desk when you are done working. This will allow more space for you to walk around inside the house.


Storage is a very important thing to consider when you are in a tiny house. The philosophy of a tiny house is to be minimalist, which means to live with less. But since you are making a tiny home, there will be extra documents and paper lying around.

You will need to make room/ storage for them, and you will also have to manage them in an organized way. For that, you can utilize vertical spaces inside the tiny office. Think of the walls. You can install shelves and cabinets in them for organized storage.


One important aspect of the ideal workspace is lighting. It has been scientifically proven that lighting plays a vital role in productivity.

You can consider that and make arrangements for natural and electrical lighting for your primary and secondary workstation in the tiny office. You should place your work desk near a window. You can also install sky windows in your house to utilize the sunlight.

But Windows won’t help on cloudy days and nighttime. Thus you will also have to install LED lamps on the ceilings and other places to make your office lit up.

Office Equipment

Finally, you must ensure that you have all the necessary equipment to work remotely. That, of course, includes a computer. The placement of the computer depends on whether it is a laptop or a desktop.

If you have to work with physical paper documents and files, you will need to have a printer, a scanner, and a shredder. If you have these with you, you can easily work remotely from your office in tiny house.

Set Up Your Tiny Office

Now that we have everything we need- let’s turn our tiny home into our very own tiny office. Follow these steps, and you will make an easy conversion of your tiny home.

Pick a spot for your primary workstation

First, pick a spot in the house as your primary workstation. You will be working on that spot for 8 hours a day (Or as your work requires). So make sure it is separated from all distracting elements. Such can include children, pets, noisy machines (kitchen, generator, toilet).

You will also have to ensure that the space is big enough to place your set-up and other office equipment.

Don’t forget the lighting too.

Place your computer set-up

Now place your computer set-up in the station. For that, you must place the desk and the chair first. If you are using a desktop, then you should plan it to be permanent. But you can get creative with it by using a height-adjusting desk.

If you use a desktop and other office equipment like a printer and scanner, then there will be cables. Too many cables can create a mass, and you can not help but reduce them easily. What you can do is to organize them.

We recommend you use various cable organizers, markers, and boxes to keep the wires out of the way. This will not only make your work set-up more attractive but will make room for more integrations (such as a paper shredder).

Organize everything

Besides the computer wires, you will have to worry about organizing other things too. Especially office documents and files, Keep the necessary documents at arms-reach. This way, you don’t have to get up every time you need it.

Also, keep similar documents together on one shelf and other categories on other shelves. You know how office organizing is done, right? Just mimic the same thing in your tiny house. But do not keep the documents outside of the primary workstation. The primary workstation should be separated, so it is safe for your pets and children. You can rest easy with all important office documents locked up in that place.

Prepare a secondary workstation

What is the point of having a tiny office if you cannot relax? That is why you should make a secondary workstation for yourself when you are tired of the primary setting. A change of surroundings can effectively lift the work spirit.

We suggest you make the secondary workspace portable. That means you should have a laptop or a smart tab to carry out your office tasks. With that portable setting, you can decide to work from your tiny house porch if you want to. 

Keep the place refreshing and lively

A real office space stays refreshed. So why not do the same with your office in house on wheels? How do we do that? Use air fresheners and humidifiers to make the place fresh and lively.

You can also play relaxing/ motivating music at a low volume as background music. Don’t feel shy to put on some flowers too. This is all to make the tiny office more motivating to work in.

Cleanup and maintenance

Last but not least, you will have to do cleanup and maintenance of your tiny office. A traditional office has workers to do that. But an office in a tiny house does not have professional cleaners. So you will have to take responsibility for cleaning your office.

Although it is a tiring task, you must do it to keep a good impression of your tiny house workspace. This is a sacrifice that must be made.

Benefits of using tiny homes as tiny offices

The benefits of using a tiny home as a tiny office are many if it falls under the right circumstances.

Maximizes Efficiency

Living and working in the same house/ space removes the time and effort needed to commute from place to place. Thus it increases your efficiency by providing you with more time to focus on your work.

Also, the absence of commuting reduces fatigue and tiredness of your body. This allows you to stay more focused at work.

Workplace Personalization

The tiny office in your tiny home is not an office property. It is your property. So you can customize it as you see fit. Meaning, there is freedom of personalization. 

You can customize your workstation with family pictures or flowers. It is your choice to make. This brings more motivation to work, and productivity rises.

Minimal Cost

One of the major benefits of a remote workstation/ office in house on wheels is that you do not have to pay for commercial workspaces. You work where you live. This helps in reducing the cost of the organization.


So did you find our guide for a tiny house to a tiny office conversion helpful? We hope you did. Isn’t it easy to do? The hard part is the planning part.

But if you are building a tiny house for it to be a tiny office, then you can ask us, the designers, to make the house design resemble a remote office. Don’t be shy to say the word.

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