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Toilet Sink: All You Need to Know

By taufiqhaque

Toilet sinks have several designs and categories available on the market from which you can choose. Whether it is the one with a sink on top or the dual flush toilet- you can get all of it in one place.

Moreover, depending on your style and preference, you shall be able to find the ideal toilet sink for you and your family. To know all the details about toilet sinks before you decide to purchase one, keep reading!

Toilet sinks in Tiny Homes

A toilet sink might seem unnecessary to most people, but to enthusiasts, the power of an enhanced bathroom can make it or break it. A stylish bathroom shall complete the overall aesthetic of your tiny home that you wish to achieve, along with the necessary adjustments and finishes.

Furthermore, the comfort that comes with choosing the right toilet sink for your bathroom is undeniable. It all comes down to your style and preference at the end of the day. While a few individuals prefer to keep it simple, others tend to go all glamorous while making choices.

For a tiny home, the toilet sink needs to perform multiple activities at once. It also needs to be a sustainable option that does not waste water or energy.

The ideal mount

Next up, you need to choose the mount you wish for your sink to be at. There are top-mount and under-mount sinks that give off two very distinct looks. Often, most individuals settle for the sink that ensures cleanliness and less maintenance throughout the day.

A sleek and integrated look can be attained by rightly placing your sink in adjustment to the other décor of your bathroom. Furthermore, there are do-it-yourself mounting sinks that you can place as per your wish without any help.

Material choice

Starting from white porcelain to glass and stone- several materials are available for your toilet sink. While some are known for durability and resistance, others are known for the elegant outcome they serve you with. It depends on the quality that you are prioritizing.

Several of these materials can be cut and molded into customizable shapes to make the ideal toilet sink for you.

Space measurement

The size of the toilet sinks you wish to install matters a lot. If you install a big enough toilet sink that leaves you with no space for other things in the bathroom- that’s a bit of a problem. It’s essential to measure the space of your entire bathroom first and then decide on the size of the toilet sink you wish for it to be.

Professional consultancy

Unless you have installed a couple of toilet sinks by yourself or before, you might need the help of a professional bathroom designer. They shall help you with the measurements and the materials, as well as the installation. This saves a great deal of hassle and any chances of mistakes that you might have.


There should be adequate space for storage of towels and bathroom essentials along with the toilet sink. There are multiple items a person would want to store in a bathroom, and that should be kept in mind.

Toilet with sink on top

The popular choice of young adults currently, the toilet with sink on top, helps you conserve water each time you flush the toilet.

How does it work?

The toilet with sink on top makes use of gravity to help conserve water. Every time you wash your hands, the water is then transferred onto the toilet for use. This way, every flush saves some water which accumulates into a big amount. The sink is placed on top of the toilet’s flush, where a thin tube is used to transfer water. The water you washed your hands with flows through the tube and gets ready to be flushed the next time you use the toilet.

Is the water clean?

Yes, the water being used is clean. The water is transferred to the toilet with sink on top smells better due to the soap being used beforehand for the hand wash. Moreover, the toilet water has germs and bacteria within; the soapy water keeps the germ transmission to a reduced level.

Remember to close the lid of the toilet while you’re washing your hands. This avoids the splashing of water when it is getting transferred.

Dual flush toilet

The dual flush toilet comes with two buttons that help you save a couple of gallons of water overall.

How does it work?

The dual flush toilet has two buttons; one is for high volume flushing while the other one is for low volume ones. The solid wastes are flushed using the high setting while the liquid waste is flushed through the low setting. This ensures efficient flushing- no more than what is needed is being used.

How much water is needed?

On average, 5 to 7 gallons are needed per flush, while some dual flush toilets use up to 8 gallons on average per flush. The toilets made in a more modern setting use about 3.5 gallons on an average per flush. With that being said, dual flush toilets that have recently been invented use as low as 1.1 gallons per flush. This shows how the method promotes efficiency and saves quite a lot of gallons of water in each flush.

Which buttons to use?

The two flushing options- a dual and a lever button. Your toilet sink would include a manual with instructions; consult the manual every time you face confusion. Usually, the larger button is the high setting one, whereas the small one is for low. However, some designs might have equal sizes for both buttons, so the manual is required.

Bottom Line

Toilet sinks add great detail to your overall bathroom aesthetic. Moreover, saving water and moving towards sustainability is also a factor when you choose the right toilet sink. Depending on the size, material, and preference- choose the toilet sink that appeals the best to you!

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