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Top Minimalist Tiny House Ideas

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Minimalistic works of art have indeed been present for generations, and yet they have risen to prominence in the past few years. Simplicity in design aims to reduce some artifacts, including construction of a piece of furniture to their most basic components. You may as well have encountered architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous saying, “shape and function are one.” By removing extraneous aspects and enabling purpose to guide an object’s shape to completion, minimalism attempts to uncover the aesthetic in function. Are you looking for tiny house ideas to build a simple and elegant home space? Click here to learn more in our article.

Here are a few suggestions for minimalistic ideas for small houses in case you wish to use these design styles for your houses and embrace simplicity in your everyday lives. 

Minimalistic Tiny House Ideas

There are so many minimalistic ideas for small houses out there that you can implement. So, do not feel overwhelmed. We have listed some of the best tiny house ideas down here:  

Minimalistic Tiny House Ideas: Use the perfect curtains and blinds 

Blinds and curtains are commonly used to regulate the quantity of light entering a space. They may also bring style to the house, but clumsy, heavy, or fragile alternatives may detract from your minimalistic motif.

You can look into blinds and curtains from providers like Blinds-N-Shutters to give the tiny house frames the ideal blend of aesthetic and functionality. Besides their capacity to heat your house without impeding sunshine, the blinds may also help you save energy. Shading the windows for energy efficiency while simultaneously providing privacy – that’s all you need from the perfect curtains.

Minimalistic Tiny House Ideas: Keep a plain design for the bedroom

Plain does not have to imply boring or uninteresting; it may instead refer to the refinement that can be reached via simplicity. If you just choose one hue as your dominating color, you could always check light-colored interior decoration to make the bedroom seem clean and plain.

Any use of natural tones such as black, ivory, grey, or brown can transform the bedroom into a somber, minimalist, or clean and bright space. The wooden pallet wall may keep the color palette basic while adding aesthetically appealing texture. Also, do not be afraid to use a bright accent color to create a basic yet dynamic look.

Minimalistic Tiny House Ideas: Pick simple designs in furniture

Make use of furnishings that may be used for several functions. These sorts of furniture are perfect for a little home. This type of design is best exemplified by a basic desk with a seat that can also be utilized as a dinner table. A simple storage container with doors may give both utility and style—a neat and tidy appearance.

Again, the simple design employs bright and moderate hues to create an open and welcoming atmosphere. You may obtain the same impression by combining vibrant and moderate colors in the furnishings. You may also make the furniture lighter and more contemporary by using glass or metal elements.

Minimalistic Tiny House Ideas: Build an easy design for the kitchen 

Inside the kitchen, simplicity entails simple functionality with no obstructive elements. Having less is more in your kitchen since it is all about keeping the worktops free of unneeded items by storing utensils and countertops appliances in cupboards. To obtain a clean look, choose sleek appliances such as a burner and refrigerator.

Pick white or pastels hues for the walls to make the space feel more relaxed, particularly if you want to use a lot of natural sunlight. To make items simpler to find and make the kitchen appear larger, open shelves might be used instead of cabinets. Overcrowding shelving, on the other hand, may make your area feel cramped, so focus on putting your goods and dishware on counter tops while stowing everything else away.

Minimalistic Tiny House Ideas: Keep the interior design light 

One of the best minimalistic ideas for small houses is the use of natural components such as woods, ferns, dried lavender, and rocks as interior decoration. Use these items cautiously, as some of them might be overwhelming. You do not want your design to appear overly crowded. Also, seek décor alternatives that might serve a dual purpose.

5 Amazing Minimalist Tiny House Designs

Several tiny house ideas draw inspiration from minimalism. This is why there are now a plethora of lovely little houses available that display simplicity at its finest.

Koda: The Movable Concrete Tiny House

You certainly do not think of cement when you consider the mobility of tiny house ideas, but this simple little house by Estonian design firm Kodasema suggests otherwise. The house is prefabricated and may be assembled or disassembled in less than 4 hours. No foundation is required for the setup, and modular parts can be stacked to create bigger constructions. 

Tiny Home With Additional Outside Space 

This small home design has a lot of remarkable features, but what truly stands out to us is the airspace between the two buildings functions as a self-contained ecosystem. 

With both the curtains overhead, it nearly feels like its own covered room, affording a significant level of outside solitude. One of the buildings is a living space, and the other is used as a home office, which is a terrific method to achieve a work-life balance for individuals who work from home. 

Rustic Tiny House in Norway

Another intriguing feature in tiny home buildings is the rising tendency of combining minimalist with rustic design elements. Historically, minimalist designs have used more “contemporary” material and texture, so residences like this one that blend older elements with current ones are fascinating.

The Koleiba Project

Hristina Hristova, the Bulgarian designer, created this little home to be the perfect escape on wheels. Take note of the large glass entryway as well as the long, extendable awning. They serve to connect the internal and outdoor areas, considerably increasing the living space.

Kerns Micro House

The 2016 AIA Design Awards “Mayor’s Honorable Mention” as well as the 2016 IIDA Design Excellence Awards “Best of Residential” went to this stunning minimalist little house. It is indeed easy to understand why, given the incredible combination of light, structure, and color.

Final Thoughts 

It is all about usefulness and efficiency when it comes to minimalistic ideas for small houses. To accomplish this function, consider the layout carefully and keep it basic, tidy, and practical. After that, add the appropriate décor to harmonize the idea and make it appear more trendy and homely. Small rooms benefit greatly from minimalistic designs after all.

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