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Top Three Tiny Home Communities In Florida To Move In

By taufiqhaque

Florida is one of the greatest US states for recreation. You have beaches, theme parks, and great landscapes. It is a place for enjoying life to its fullest. It is also a great place for tiny house enthusiasts. Florida accepts tiny homes if constructed by following the defined building codes. Florida also houses some of the best tiny home communities in the US. They offer great livelihood and an authentic experience of minimalist living. Let us introduce you to some of the greatest tiny home communities in Florida.

Tiny Home Communities in Florida

Circle Pond Tiny Home Community (Tampa Bay, Florida)

Top Three Tiny Home Communities In Florida To Move In

Let’s start with the Circle Pond tiny home community. It is located in South Hillsborough Country, Tampa Bay, Florida. This tiny home community is in the top 10 tiny home communities in the USA(List by Tiny House Authority).

The Circle Pond tiny home community has a land area of 5 acres surrounding the circular pond. So this community offers you a great life near the water. The community also offers a shared garden for everyone.

There are a total of 12 tiny homes available for rent. You can rent a tiny home for years and even make it your permanent residence. It is a super friendly community with a humble manager.

Orlando Lakefront (Orlando, Florida)

Orlando Lakefront is one of the greatest tiny home communities in Florida. It offers a great community with a nice view of the lake.

This community is a mix of tiny homes and an RV parking area. Ten tiny homes are available for those who don’t own tiny homes. Those who have their tiny homes/ RV can bring theirs to the community. There are 40 parking lots in the community.

The community is located at the heart of Orlando. It offers great amenities for living. For example, two fishing docks in the lake, a shared laundry room with four washers and dryers, a community garden, and a community maintenance crew all year round. Moreover, pets are allowed in the community.

It is an amicable community and the perfect vacation spot in Florida. Make sure you have listed this community on your bucket list.

Simple Life (Lakeshore, Florida)

Located in Lakeshore, Florida, this is among Florida’s best tiny home communities. This Simple Life community has all the amenities that you need during your stay.

The community has a shared pool, fitness facility, yoga studio, Lake, walking and bicycling trail, and a dog park for your dogs.

Besides these amenities, there are more, and they are specific to each type of tiny home. The community consists of 223 tiny homes. The community is close to modern medical services. So it is a great community for all ages.


So these are the top three tiny home communities in Florida. Everyone is welcome in these communities.

Even if you don’t have your tiny home, you can rent a tiny home in these tiny home communities in Florida. So don’t be shy to drop by in these communities.

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