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Top Tiny Home Communities In Arizona

By taufiqhaque

Arizona is filled with deserted landscapes and canyons. It sounds like the perfect spot to settle down with your tiny home. Speaking of tiny homes, the tiny home movement is gaining huge popularity in Arizona. Read to know about the tiny home communities in Arizona.

People are allowed to build their tiny homes on foundations and wheels. There are many famous tiny home communities in Arizona. It is like a dreamland for tiny home enthusiasts.

The tiny home communities in Arizona. are perfect for starting your tiny home journey. This article will talk about some of Arizona’s most famous tiny home communities. 

Tiny Home Communities in Arizona

LuxTiny Community

Top Tiny Home Communities to Live in the State of Arizona

The LuxTiny community is arguably the most popular in Arizona. As you can guess from the name, LuxTiny offers luxurious tiny houses for rent at an affordable price. The community is mainly focused on long-term rentals(6+ months). Short-term rentals can be arranged as well. They are encouraging people to make tiny homes their permanent residence.

This community is located in Lakeside, Arizona. The houses here range from 163 to 399 square feet. The rent and services vary from house to house. But all basic resources and daily supplements are delivered timely. So you shall have no problem and shortage of supplies.

This community is amiable. You have solar panels, chicken coops, an open environment. Then there are the friendly neighbors. The goal of LuxTiny is to become a White mountain green community.

LuxTiny has so much to offer for everyone. We highly encourage you to start with this community if you plan to relocate to a tiny home in Arizona. You will not regret anything here.

The Village on 13

Build Us Hope developed the Village on 13. Build Us Hope is a non-profit organization and tiny home developer. They constructed The Village on 13 as a tiny home community for veterans.

This community shows great promises compared to Arizona’s other tiny home communities. The community is still under development. As of now, there are only three tiny homes available. They call it their phase one. The next phase will have four more tiny homes in its perimeter. In the future, they may make room for mobile tiny homes, where you can bring in your own mobile tiny homes,

The currently available three tiny homes are 288 square feet each. But each unit will have its garden area. It is perfect for those who have gardening hobbies and want to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

As it is under a trustworthy organization’s supervision, we can be sure that the Village on 13 will become one of Arizona’s best tiny home communities.


So those are the top tiny home communities in Arizona. They are all affordable and offer you a chance to resonate with the minimalist living of tiny homes. They can serve as your perfect vacation spot in Arizona.

Make sure to speak to the managers about all necessary arrangements before moving into one of these communities. If any amenity is missing, you may request it.

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